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Sewers & Drains

An important part of your plumbing system is the drainage.  A drain blockage or partial blockage can cause your pipes to gurgle, create awful smells or even cause water damage.  The best way to prevent problems from getting worse is by contacting us as soon as you notice a drain running slow.

We do not recommend chemical drain products for sinks or tubs as they can damage pipes and can be harmful to the environment.  You should never put chemicals down the disposal side.   We recommend you maintain your drains with Bio One, a unique drain maintenance product that contains live bacteria that actually cleans drains by consuming grease, oil and food that has built up in the drain.  Our plumbers carry Bio One on their truck and it can also be purchased from our office.

Sewer backups are most commonly caused by tree roots that enter your sewer pipe through cracks or joints in the pipe.  Our technicians are skilled at removing roots and debris that cause sewer blockages.

Video inspections – once your sewer is open and flowing, we can visually inspect your sewer with a specialized camera that takes the guess work out of what is causing the blockage.  We encourage you to view the inspection process, so we can answer any questions or provide suggestions to prevent backups in the future.

Sewer and drain line repair – if your sewer or drain line is broke or has an issue that can’t be solved with scheduled maintenance, we are able to repair or replace them both inside and outside your home or building.


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