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If you’re a homeowner it’s more than likely that you have a basement in your home. Make sure that your sump pump is ready. You know how important this system is for your home.

The last thing you want as things are thawing off is to realize that your sump pump is no longer able to keep your home safe, clean, and dry. If you want to know the warning signs that your sump pump is on the way out, keep reading below.

Common Signs That You Need an Upgrade

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, then it might be time to replace your sump pump:

Old Age

No machine in your home can last forever. Your sump pump has a life expectancy of about ten years. If your machine is near that age and showing any of the problems below, it’s probably time for you to replace this system.

If you’re concerned about finding the right system for your home then contact our team. Our technicians are extensively trained and vastly experienced, so we can always inform you too. We work with all the best brands and we can assess your home and match you with the right make and model.


Your sump pump is never going to be completely silent, but if the system is making an excessive amount of noise, then you’ve got a problem on your hands. Frequent noise or exceptionally loud noises mean that there’s probably something wrong with the motor in your home. Make sure you listen out for any rattling, grinding, thuds, and other alarming noises.

Issues Turning it On and Off

Have you noticed that your sump pump goes through a constant cycle of turning on and turning off? It’s probably a sign that there’s something wrong with your sump pump. You might have a power issue, a float switch issue, or a sign that you need a new sump pump in your home.

Your Pump is Constantly Running

If your sump pump is continuously running or just running too much no matter what the weather conditions outside are, it’s a sign that you have a problem. The longer that you let this issue go on, the worse the issue is going to get. This could potentially lead to a system breakdown so make sure that you address issues promptly.

No Water

Your sump pump needs water in the pit to function. If you notice that the system is dry, then you probably have a problem with how the system was installed, how it’s currently connected, or because there’s a problem with your drainage system.

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