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How RootX Works

RootX kills roots on contact; the dead roots decay over time and are carried out with the flow of the pipe, restoring the pipe to its full capacity. RootX also leaves a barrier on the pipe walls to prevent future root growth.


If this is the first time you’re treating a pipe or if it is completely blocked, you should call A-fordable Plumbing to schedule a mechanical cutting and apply the first Rootx treatment.  Applying RootX immediately after a mechanical cutting will remove the root mass and restore pipe flow right away. This will kill any remaining roots in the line and stunt re-growth.  For maintenance, you should treat your sewer lines or septic system every year with RootX.

It’s important to apply RootX within the first hour after cutting or wait six to eight weeks. Roots release a traumatic acid to cover the cut ends and protect them against further injury. When RootX is applied immediately after cutting, the herbicide can penetrate the root ends before the traumatic acid coating is complete. After six to eight weeks, the traumatic acid will have dissipated, leaving the most vulnerable part of the root—the white tender meristem growth where cells are actively dividing—exposed to the herbicide. The more root tissue you can treat with RootX, the better. 

RootX is safe for both sewer and septic systems. RootX should be poured directly into your septic tank and distribution box to kill roots that have intruded into the tank and drain field lines.  Applying Rootx to a cleanout is the preferred method for most sewer applications because it’s closest to the pipes where roots can cause problems. If  you do not have a cleanout, you can apply RootX through the toilet.  However, to prevent excessive foaming you should only use a 2-lb. of RootX in a toilet application.