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Green Living

  ... Just a few small changes to your plumbing can make your  lifestyle more eco-friendly 


Keep our environment clean:

Avoid unnecessary maintenance costs by keeping fat, oil and grease out of sewers. Blockages can send sewage out manholes and into streets and rivers. Help control this problem by properly disposing fat, oil and grease. Everyone is part of the solution!

Prevent plumbing backups the “green way”:

Instead of using harsh chemicals, a weekly dose of Bio One will dissolve the accumulated build-up of pipe "gunk". Bio One works by unleashing millions of bacteria that keep your pipes clean and free flowing.

Inspect for plumbing leaks:

Help the environment and lower your water bill by inspecting your plumbing for leaks. In just one month, a dripping faucet can waste 90 gallons of water and a leaking toilet can waste 25,000 gallons of water!

Save water with a high efficiency toilet:

Did you know that toilets are the largest user of water in your home? If your home was built before 1992, chances are you don’t have water efficient toilets. You can check this by lifting the toilet lid and looking at the back of the tank for the toilet manufacturer make and date stamp. High efficiency toilets can same the average homeowner 16,500 gallons of water a year!