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Well Water Systems

Well Safety Tips:

  • Don't store or mix chemicals near the wellhead. A simple spill could go directly into the well.
  • Don't pour pesticides or other dangerous chemicals down the drain.
  • Take care when using chemicals to melt ice in the winter. They can pollute groundwater.

Other Recommendations:

  • Seal abandoned wells. They are a direct route from the surface to groundwater.
  • Fit your house with check valves that keep polluted household water from flowing back into the well.
  • Test your well water annually. Inspect visible well components for signs of problems.


This links to a brochure provided by the Michigan Department of  Community   Health and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. It answers to question about the problems related to arsenic in some privately owned wells in Michigan. It also tells you whom to contact if you have further questions or concerns, or would like your well water tested for arsenic.

Nitrates in Drinking Water

This links to a brochure provided by the Michigan Department of   Environmental  Quality answers questions about nitrate contamination and health concerns.