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Auburn Hills, MI

Gerald H. Auburn Hills, MI 48326

I just wanted to let the owners know that Gary is a very very nice plumber.  He has come to my home several times and has always been helpful and nice.

David D. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

I called to arrange installation for a gas line and two valves for my kitchen.   A-fordable Plumbing came out the same day and were at my house by noon. I was very surprised by how quickly the work was completed. It was done in barely an hour. In addition to the work performed, some additional brackets were added to better support my existing gas line (it was poorly installed during the construction of my home). The plumber was very quick, professional and the job came in at less than I expected to pay. I am very satisfied!

Sam M. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

I needed a faucet replaced and received a prompt call-back from A-fordable Plumbing. The plumber showed up on time and was very friendly & efficient.  Pay rate “by the hour" jobs usually worry me, but this job was finished in 30 minutes. I will be using this company again for any future plumbing jobs."

Mark M. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

The plumber did a great job and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.  When someone does a good job, I want to let them know.

Kelly M. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

I had my sewer cleaned.  The plumber had to come back and bring in a bigger machine, but it was cleared in the quoted time frame and on the same day.

Ken A. Auburn Hills  48326

Thought I was going to need to replace 3 shut off valves, but the plumber was able to make repairs that lower the cost of the repair.  I am completely happy with the service that I received from A-fordable, the plumber was friendly and professional.   Work was performed quickly and no mess left behind.

Susan N. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

It is so nice to do business with a company that truly cares about their customers. From the first phone call to the technician being very competent in his work, it was a pleasure to do business with A-Fordable Plumbing! I highly recommend them to anyone.   

Mike F. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

I am very pleased with the service I received from A-Fordable. They arrived right on time and the price was less than what I was quoted. I will for sure recommend them to anyone as their visit was an easy and pleasant experience. Thank you

David H. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

Another great experience with A-fordable Plumbing. From the time their office takes my call I know I'm in good hands.  We always seem to have tricky situations with our drain pipes under a concrete foundation and in a cramped workspace. My worst fear is they will tell me I have to rip up the floor and replace everything but A-fordable fixes everything and gets things running again. We are very happy with A-fordable Plumbing & Mechanical.

Steve W. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

Mike D was excellent! Would refer him and the company to family and friends. I would request him for any future services.

Mitch M. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

Mike D. was very pleasant and easy to talk to. He was very informative and forthcoming about what was needed and how long the work would take. It seems that the company policy is to give the customer an idea of how much the work is going to cost up front so there's no "sticker shock" when the work is done. He also made sure to clean the work area after he finished. All in all the service was good.

Ray G. Auburn Hills, MI   48326

Mike D. came and repaired a leaking kitchen sink pipe. He was fast and very professional. I will be calling A-Fordable for and of my future plumbing needs!

Karon G. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

Excellent service! The leak under our sink was fixed and we would use A-Fordable plumbing again for any of our needs. Thanks!!

Fran H. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

Mike and Will arrived on time and were fast and efficient. They explained what they were going to do and answered my questions. Very nice.

Wade S.  Auburn Hills, MI  48326

I would not hesitate to have Mike back at our home either as a top notch plumbing professional or as a guest. Our project involved several tasks that he methodically addressed all the while interacting with various generations of interested on-lookers (including the original housebuilder). It is nice to know that should we require plumbing assistance in the future, we now have a reliable and trustworthy source for such services. Thanks 

Frances W. Auburn Hills, MI  48326

Reliable-provided competent and timely repair and replacement of plumbing, sump pumps and gas lines. Thank you!       

Berkley, MI

Emilie P. Berkley, MI

I contacted A-fordable Plumbing by using the Service Request form on the website and received a call back within an hour.  I was quoted a price right over the phone to install a gas line in my Kitchen.  The work was scheduled and completed within one day of receiving the quote for exactly the same price.  The plumber who came to my home was polite, efficient and thorough.   He explained everything to me and did not talk down to me.  I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Chase B. Berkley, MI 

"A-fordable Plumbing was hired to replace my entire sewer line (approx. 90') and to replace my 1/2" lead water service with a 1" copper service. The entire team was very professional and completed high quality work. I am very pleased with the results, service, and overall price of the work."

Beverly Hills, MI

Robert S. Beverly Hills, MI  48025

A-fordable Plumbing was great.  I called them when I had water backing up into my home.  The plumber analyzed the problem and told me the price for the service.  It was nice talking to someone who you could tell knew what he was talking about and wasn't trying to sell you on anything you didn't need. Their price was not cheap, but it was reasonable and their service was excellent.

Maria T. Beverly Hills, MI  48025

Perfect job, our sump pump stopped working over the weekend and A-fordable came right out and changed it. We are planning on getting a back-up sump pump from them also.

Jessica L. Beverly Hills, MI  48025

The plumber installed a water powered back up sump pump for us and did a great job.

Dori. C Beverly Hills, MI  48025

Mike is the best plumber I ever used.  I have had problems with several plumbers, but now I have found the best!  Mike is very professional and  helpful.  He gave me suggestions along the way and was great at solving my back up problem.  I have been in sales for many years and know "good" when I find it. I am exterely satisfied and can't say enough about this plumber.

Mary M.  Beverly Hills, MI  48025

My positive experience started with Denise squeezing me into their very busy schedule when I found out my new wall oven was not going to fit, as gas line stuck up too far in bottom of cabinet. Service person, Gary, was prompt and called when he was on his way. He is very competent and knowledgeable and was done cutting back the gas line in a matter of minutes. I have used A-fordable several times and recommend them to my clients regularly. They meet my two most important criteria, reputable and competent.

Birmingham, MI

Rosemary S. Birmingham, MI  48009

A-fordable Plumbing cleared by kitchen sink because my garbage disposal would not work properly.  They plunged the kitchen sink and removed the trap to clear it.  The disposal then operated.  They also plunged a basement laundry tub to drain it.  When I called for the appointment, they brain stormed a few solutions, which I tried while on the phone with them.  I was not successful, so they came out the next day.  I really apprecialte their approach to aid simple fixes over the phone.  Because of this I will use them again!

Christina C. Birmingham, MI  48009

I had used one of those big companies to repair a leaky faucet.  Well, a leaky faucet and a couple of PVC pipes on the draining side of the kitchen sink apparently costs $350 with that other big company. I don't believe it should!!! Recently, my husband and I had a new counter top and sink installed. We were looking for someone to install the faucet we had already purchased, hook up the dishwasher, in sink aerator and of course hook up the pipes. The sink now is a 60/40 so the pipes obviously would not fit. Garth the plumber arrived promptly at 8:30am. He was courteous, friendly and offered suggestions on how to maintain the pipes overall. He also changed a bigger pipe underneath that we didn't even know needed to be changed. This pipe was incorrectly installed way before we bought the place. Garth installed the strainers on both sides of the sink. Now they're both shiny and new!

Howard H. Birmingham, MI  48009

I had an old crock drain snaked out to the street.  I have this done once a year as preventative maintenece.  They are a little higher than some, but worth it.  They also did a great job of cleaning up.

Kari M.  Birmingham, MI 48009

Excellent service provided, highly recommended.         

Angela L. Birmingham, MI  48009

Mike did a great job --- he was at the house for multiple hours. Installing a new gas line, water line and cleaning out the main plumbing line. Professional, thorough and detailed. Every time I have a-ffordable out it’s a great experience. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Beth M. Birmingham, MI  48009

Mike D. was very knowledgeable and friendly. Fixed my drain problem.

Bloomfield, MI 

Joanne F. Bloomfield, MI  48304

A-fordable Plumbing put in a second water meter that bypassed the house system to the water the lawn.  When the City came out to do the inspection they said that they had never seen better workmanship.

Rose Marie R. Bloomfield, MI  48302 

The first plumber I called wanted to charge me $12,000 for what turned out to be a $953 repair by A-fordable Plumbing.   I can't say enough about Eddie, he did everything right and tested things properly.  Gary was great and so was Mike.  A-fordable was prompt, efficient and most of all AFFORDABLE.  I have lived in this house a long time and I can say that A-fordable is the first plumber I could trust - and they did the work perfectly!

Bryan S. Bloomfield, MI  48304

I will use A-fordable Plumbing again.  They were quick, reliable, and honest.  Their actual cost came in under my expectation and I plan on using them for future plumbing needs.

Dave G. Bloomfield, MI  48302

Thank you for everything, if your plumbing company ever needs a reference I would be happy to help.  You are very good to work with. 

Robert L. BloomfieldMichigan  48302

Gary was an excellent plumber - very congenial.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  I was very impressed with his skills and enjoyed working with him."

Rachel S Bloomfield, MI  48302

I had A-fordable Plumbing install a gas line for BBQ Grill. They were incredibly efficient, had great recommendations. Very prompt. GREAT.

Mary K. Bloomfield, MI  48301

We needed to install a PVC pipe through a concrete wall. We originally thought that the job would be much bigger, more expensive than we wanted to spend. It turned out that we could do much of the work ourselves. A-fordable Plumbing worked with us to get their part of the job down. They were very understanding and professional. If we ever have a job that we can't handle, we will definitely call A-fordable first!

Annette A. Bloomfield, MI  48304

A-fordable Plumbing snaked out a clogged kitchen drain.  The plumber responded quickly and was neat and professional.  The plumber hung in when my electric service died and finished the job when the power came back on. 

Betty N. Bloomfield, MI  48304 

I had this plumbing company replace a broken garbage disposal.  The plumber was quick to diagnose the problem and had a replacement available.  He was professional, quick and left the area clean.

Charles C. Bloomfield, MI  48304

Gary my plumber always arrives on time and goes right to work without delay.  It is enjoyable to watch a good mechanic at work.  He cleans up and makes sure everything is operating correctly before he leaves.  The work gets done effeciently, on time and I have confidence in the finished job.   Gary and I have a good relationship, as long as he is a plumber at A-fordable I will have no one else here for my pumbing work.

John M. Bloomfield, MI  48301

The plumber showed up early and took on what was a fairly big job considering the number of valves to replace.  They were very old and difficult to reach.  He was extremely neat, professional, and courteous.  We would definitely hire them again. 

Jacqueline C. Bloomfield, MI  48302

A-fordable Plumbing was the 3rd plumber that I had out all in the same week.  The 1st 2 companies could not unplug my line.   Mike came out and was extremely professional and fixed my problem in no time.  He was digging in the rain and I asked him if he wanted to reschedule,  but he said "Nope, this is what we do, lets get this fixed".  I was also very impressed with the ladies in the office, they were very helpful as well.

Eric L.  Bloomfield 48301

My sump pump broke during the holiday weekend. Mike came out very quickly and did a great job replacing it! This is the 2nd time in a year that I've had issues around the house and both times Mike has saved us. I'd highly recommend them to anyone! 

Ellen E. Bloomfield Township,   48301

Your company really sets the bar for professional service and value. It isn't often that I'm so completely impressed and satisfied with a home service repair business. Thank you!

Susan M. Bloomfield Twsp 48304

Quick and reliable service. Mike D. was knowledgeable and polite.

Peter S. Bloomfield Twsp. MI, 48301

My water heater broke in the early morning. I called A-fordable Plumbing and even though it was early, the phone was answered and I had a technician to my house within hours. Mike and Will were professional, polite and did a great job installing a new water heater the same day. They also took time to answer any questions I had as the install progressed. Would highly recommend their service to anyone. 

Bloomfield Hills, MI

Susan W. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

When my sump pump became a geyser I called A-fordable and scheduled an appointment.  The problem was quickly detected and expertly repaired.  The technician was professional and the price seemed reasonable.

Anne R. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

A-fordable Plumbing replaced a faucet for me in June.  This plumbing company is prompt and efficient in getting the work done.  They worked with me to make sure I got a replacement faucet from the company.  They were helpful in finding the matching parts and the cost was reasonable.  The plumber went out of his way to help me.  As soon as the replacement piece came in they were out immediately to get it installed. 

Charles C. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

Called for plumbing service to open a clogged kitchen drain.  The plumber arrived on time, he went to task and had the drain opened and was out the door within 40 minutes.  I had additional service to replace 2 toilets.  I requested a specific plumber for these installs based on his previous service calls to my house.  I was impressed by his mechanical abilities and workmanship.  In both installs, the plumber arrived on time (called first) and went right to work.  He installed the new toilets, took the old ones out for disposal and cleaned up the debris.  My overall satisfaction with A-fordable Plumbing is extremly high.

Kevin V. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

Over the past month A-fordable Plumbing has repaired a kitchen faucet and replaced an insta hot water outlet.  I will call them the next time I need a plumber. For both items they were prompt, professional, clean an courteous. 

Lynn F. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

The woman I spoke with to make the appointment to replace my hot water heater was friendly and efficient. The plumber arrived within his set time frame. He was professional, did a great job and left the area clean. He also answered my questions. I would use this plumbing company again and I will recommend them without any hesitation.

Chris P. Bloomfield Hills, MI   48304

 "A-fordable Plumbing was first to respond to my request for a quote to replace my hot water heater.  Their price was reasonable, and they were available to do the project the next day. They arrived on time, did the job quickly and without any surprises and left the job site as clean as they found it. I will hire them again for my next project."

Susan P. Bloomfield Hills, MI

I used A-fordable Plumbing to fix my hot water heater. They did a good job. I called them and they responded immediately. They came when they said they would. It seemed to be a fine price.

Sam P. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

I called A-fordable Plumbing to fix a clogged drain. "They were very quick to respond and got the problem fixed before I got home from work. I was extremely happy!"

Stephen M. Bloomfield Hills

A-fordable Plumbing replaced a failed sump pump, changed out some old piping, and added a check valve to the system. My service request was handled very professionally and the staff was able to schedule this emergency repair almost immediately. The technician called ahead of his arrival, arrived on time, explained the work that needed to be done, and confirmed that the estimate was acceptable. The work was carried out very expeditiously and with care in maintaining the cleanliness of the work traffic areas. The technician made additional improvements without raising the cost and provided good explanations of the operation of the equipment.

Lynn G. Bloomfield Hills, MI   48304

Gary the plumber was polite and answered my questions regarding my new sump pump installation. He completed the work in about an hour and left the area clean. He tested my back-up pump and told me how to maintain it. The company had called me the day I called for an appointment to tell me of a cancellation.  I was able to have the sump pump installed earlier than the originally scheduled appointment. I have used this company before and will continue to use them and recommend them to others.

Carol G. Bloomfield Hills, MI   48304

I have used A-fordable Plumbing for years and have been happy with their work. The plumber arrived on time and was pleasant and polite. He did clean out all the window wells and floor drains, and in the process cleaned out the debris in my hot water heater.

Mr. A. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

I had my 2nd water meter inspection and the Inspector stated that it was a pleasure to inspect work that has been done so well.  The inspector is taking pictures of the installation and they will be using it in their handouts as an example of proper installation. This is more than an Atta Boy.  This is a SUPER DEE DOOPER!!!

Nancy R. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

A-fordable Plumbing replaced my disposal, insta-hot, and water spigot.  They provided very good service, were clean and professional.

Randy M. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

The replacement of water service valves was completed on time, scheduled quickly and completed in one visit.

Mary Beth W. Bloomfield Hills 48304


I had the plumber install a new faucet in my bathroom and also repair a leak in a copper pipe in the basement.  I was very happy with the work and the people I dealt with.  I will use them again and recommend them to my friends and family.

George M. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302

I have nothing but praise for this company.  Gary was able to fix the problems with our toilet, he was a super nice plumber and knew what he was doing.  He had all the parts with him , communicated very well and explained everything to use. We couldn't be happier.

Kar S. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

I had A-fordable replace my hot water heater.  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent service.

Jeff S. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302

I had A-fordable Plumbing replace the inside mechanics of my toilets.  They found that the cause of my super high water bills were 2 running toilets.  They ordered the parts and repaired the problem. They were on time and charged me the quoted price.  Great Service, would absolutely use them again.

Susan C. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302

Had A-fordable install three faucets and one shower valve assemble. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the job.  Gary did the install and was very neat.

Rebecca O. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

Great service. Faced with an emergency pike burst and response was fast. Work was done quickly and priced reasonably. Mike was pleasant, professional and informative. Will definitely use again. Thanks

Cindy G. Bloomfield Township, MI 48301

Mike D. came by today to change the filters on our RO system. He answered all our questions on where the various shut-off valves are located in our basement. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. No questions was too silly for him. It's nice to be able to trust your plumber!!          

Chris L. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301

Mike D. was great at all aspects of the job. They were within budget/quote, on time, genuinely interested in making us happy. They have a customer for life.

Joseph L.  Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302

Mike D was on time, friendly, professional and fast. What more could you ask for. Thank you, Mike an A-fordable.        

Cyndi S. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

Adele (on the phone) and Mike D (Service Pro) were extremely helpful and did a great job when we needed our water heater replaced. Adele answered many of our questions over the phone and went above and beyond to schedule our installation. Mike D was courteous, informative, efficient, and performed excellent work on the water heater installation. A-fordable Plumbing will be our first and only call next time we need any plumbing work or service.

Allision I. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

Great service, helpful and friendly service pro, arrived on time, fixed the problem. We would definitely recommend them!

Jack C. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302

Just a note to thank  you for the excellent service this morning.  Your technician Gary is the best.

Dream Kitchens, Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302

I run the installation side of a large kitchen and bath. I have a lot going on so require responsible people when I subcontract. Not only were they on time, they were polite and respectful of my homeowner's property. Will definitely use again for next project in the area.

Suzanne P. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

Mike came to fix my sump pump. He was quick and professional and gave me some great pointers to improve my system. Thanks.

Paul W  Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

Mike D. did a great job on some drain work. He walked me through the camera view, which was very informative. He also offered some alternatives in the future when we experience similar situations. Third time I used this company and each person I have dealt with, including the home office, have been professional, friendly, and they do what they say.

Polly E. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

Mike D spent two hours this afternoon solving all my plumbing problems. He was so pleasant and professional and I am extremely pleased with the job he did. Thank you Mike D. and thank you A-Fordable.

Patricia R. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

On time, polite, efficient ... that would be Mike D. Most happy with this company from the initial phone call right through to the completed process. Will definitely call again if I need a plumber.    

Bill C. Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304

I was able to get a very prompt appointment. I have had very good experience with A-Fordable in the past. We were dealing with a aged hot water heater (17 years old). I was sure it needed replacing and figured after inspection, I would need to make an appointment to have it replaced. I was very surprised to find that we could have it immediately replaced. Mike did a great job of offering various options. I selected a 50 gallon AO Smith. Mike was very efficient, detailed and performed a "very clean" removal and install. He was also a pleasure to talk to. I highly recommend A-Fordable and Mike D.

James F. Bloomfield Hills, MI   48304

Very professional and courteous.

Patricia K.  Bloomfield Hills, MI  48302

Outstanding service by technician Mike D. He arrived on time, after calling to say he was on his way. Mike replaced the copper gas line with the code-appropriate gas line in a very short time. Clean-up was very good and price was reasonable. I will definitely work with this company again. Highly recommended.

Clarkston, MI

Howard L. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike D did an excellent job working in a very tight space to get our holding tank fixed. Very professional, cleaned up after working. Had to remove the old one and replace with new one. Same day service. Would Call again.

William C. Clarkston, MI  48346

The plumber told me the price up front on the phone when I called him.  He gave me a time and he was here.  He was a very friendly man and did great service.  He did what I couldn't.  Because of my age and living on social security it was high priced, but under normal circumstances I can see that the price being just right. 

Susan T. Clarkston, MI  48346

A-fordable Plumbing went above and beyond to help me with a problem caused by another contractor.  Their people are all top notch!  I probably will not have another hot water service call for many years but A-fordable will be on my speed dial for any other plumbing needs. 

Mike F. Clarkston, MI  48348

Just wanted to say how pleased we were with the service we received. We have had plenty of plumbers and plenty of houses and our service with your plumbers today was a great experience.  They were professional, diagnosed the problem quickly and completed the work at a reasonable cost.

Kenneth S. Clarkston, MI  48348

I am very happy with A-Fordable Plumbing.  After contacting several other plumbers multiple times and not even being able to get a quote I  found A-Fordable Plumbing.  I received a call back within an hour of my first call and spoke with someone very knowledgeable that was able to give me a price quote and options immediately.  The price was much less than a quote that I  received from one of the other plumbing companies that  finally did call me back.  I scheduled the time  with A-Fordable Plumbing to do the work . They arrived on time, were very professional, did excellent work and even did some additional work at my request. I will definitely use A-Fordable Plumbing for future plumbing work.

Martha H. Clarkston, MI  48346

A plumber came out and did a test on the pump functions from within the basement to check for low water pressure. Since we had recently bought the house and always had city water this was all new to us. He discovered that the water softener filter was clogged and dirty. He not only cleared that for me but explained how I could do it myself in the future. I appreciated the fact that he talked about preventative maintenance so we could manage it ourselves. Very professional!

Andrew W. Clarkston, MI  48348

"We had a leaking shower valve.  Another plumber had tried to repair it and told us we needed a new valve.  Garth was able to replace the cartridge saving us over $300.  Would definitely recommend this plumber!"

David G. Clarkston, MI   48346

When I called to have a vent stack leak repaired, exterior water spigot and laundry tub faucet replaced, Denise, who took my call; she was friendly and helpful. The plumber arrived in the requested time frame and the work was completed in a reasonable time. All repairs were made well made and there were no problems.

Lisa H. Clarkston, MI  48348

A-fordable Plumbing provided prompt, courteous and professional plumbing services at our residence. We needed a plumber for a normal business hours emergency service call. Affordable Plumbing has an after hours answering service on call 24 hours a day. The answering service took our information, and within a matter of minutes we received a phone call from one of their licensed plumbers on call. Within the hour a plumber was at our home, they removed the old defective tank and installed a brand new A.O. Smith 50 gallon hot water tank. We had hot water again. They were also kind enough to diagnose and repair the problem of a slow drip from a faucet in our powder room. Their service was outstanding.

Bill W. Clarkston, MI   48348

When I called I was told that they were all booked up for the day. When I told them I was without water I was told that the service manager would be contacting me ASAP. He called within about an hour. After explaining my situation and telling him that the other plumbing company said my well was no good and that I should have a new well drilled or hook up to city water he said that wells do not usually quit without any warning. He suggested that I hook up a hose to the neighbors hose to run water to my pump to prime it. He said if this did not work he would come out and check it out. When I did this I discovered that the pressure gage on the pump had rusted through and water was pouring out. I was able to replace the pressure gage myself and restore water service to my home. I am very grateful to this plumbing company for making my situation a priority and for making suggestions over phone that helped solve my problem.

Jeff B. Clarkston, MI  48346

Very happy with the performance and service.  I will use A-fordable Plumbing again if I have any other plumbing problems.

Charles G. Clarkston, MI  48346

Thank you for your prompt and responsible service at my home.  I appreciate good service. 

Jerry V. Clarkston, MI 48348

Garth the plumber did an excellent job.  He called when he was on his way, came on time, put shoe covers on his shoes each time he came in the home, and was very polite.  I will definitely recommend your company.  It is very hard to find a good plumber.

Jason T. Clarkston, MI  48346 

Our main sewer backed up on a Sunday.  Within 30 minutes of my phone call A-fordable was at my house snaking.  Pretty great service for a Sunday call!  Everything went well, he found the clog and went beyond it to make sure it was cleared.

Kara F. Clarkston, MI  48348

I sent in an online service request and received a call back from A-fordable.  I was asked several questions about the type of heater; vent size, etc. They recommended an A.O. Smith Water Heater with a 6 year warranty. The plumber was very friendly, covered his shoes with booties, and went right to work removing the old heater.  He took the time to show me how to adjust the temperature control and how to maintain the heater by draining it once a year.  We had a pleasant conversation throughout the appointment.  When he was done he asked if I had any other plumbing issues. I have a toilet with a weak flush, he did not see anything wrong, but suggested that I clean the toilet with a special brush to remove the mineral deposits. When he was done he left everything clean and neat.

Mike F. Clarkston, MI 48348

Thank you for yesterday's work at my home.  The installation, appearance and performance of the work reflects the excellent service and quality we have come to expect from A-fordable Plumbing!

Jackie C. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike is an excellent technician.  I am very pleased with the work that was completed.  He removed an old 4" clay crock piping clean out to my septic.  Replaced a 4" clean tee with wye fitting and ran a new 4" PVC to septic cemented around piping at tank and backfilled.  I was very pleased to with the work that was done and with my experience with everyone in the company including Adele and Denise.

Janet G. Clarkston, MI  48329

I had A-fordable Plumbing snake both my Kitchen and Bathroom drain.  Mike the technician was excellent.  He was efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. I appreciated his comments and suggestions.  He wore protective slippers when in my home and cleaned up the work areas when completed. The office staff was quite knowledgeable and was able to give me an estimate when I called for the appointment. Very positive experience.

Donna S. Clarkston, MI  48346

Mike our technician removed our old water heater and installed a new one in about 2 hours.  Because of the configuration of our home this was not an easy process.

Fred E. Clarkston, MI  48348

The office staff is very polite and helpful.  This is a very honest plumbing company that does not try to sell you something you don’t need.

Terry L. Clarkston, MI 48346

I was very pleased with the work that was done at my house. 

Donald R. Clarkston, MI 48346

Mike D. did a great job unclogging my house drainage pipes. He was very courteous, and professional. Would recommend Mike & A-fordable to anyone who asks. 

Carrolann P. Clarkston, MI  48348

Thank you for your kindness and help though all my troubles. A-forable plumbing is outstanding and honest . My husband had a stroke 2 1/2 years ago, and A-forable plumbing has help me though everything that has gone wrong in our home. Thank you for your help and kindness, God bless you all.

Dawn L. Clarkston, MI   48346

I have had a hard time finding a service company that doesn't whine and acts professional, and I believe I have found that in you. The phones were slammed when I called but your bookkeeper made sure I was taken care of and helped out reception. Mike D was very professional and knew how to do his job very well. With the mess he had to go through I was shocked that I couldn't even tell he had been here, he left everything the way he found it and seemed happy to be doing his job, which was a welcome change from the whiners I have incurred from past companies. I'll be back :-)

Chris G. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike did an outstanding job on my bathroom, rebuilding a wall in the shower, installing all new fixtures, always on time and a great clean-up. Highly recommend..

Bob W. Clarkson, MI 48348

Mike D did a great job making need repairs and recommending minor additional working to reduce the chances of future problems. Initial concerns about toilet flange being damage were unfounded. Original plumber left trim caps under toilet in original shipping location which interfered with proper installation with toilet. A-fordable referred to neighbor.

John C. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike D was very professional and thorough in explaining repair options. Very pleased with his work.

Mark A. Clarkston, MI 48348

Mike D was a great Service Pro. Worked through a very difficult issue with my septic/plumbing system with a smile and very optimistic approach. Price was reasonable for the amount of work that was involved. Would recommend Mike P and A-Fordable to anyone in the Oakland County area. 

Relatively inexpensive for what was required to fix the problem at my household. Down to earth Service Pro and very optimistic/happy as well. Definitely an A experience with this company and Service Pro. Would suggest this company to anyone.

Donnie K. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike was awesome once again. Great company which I have relied on to be my plumbing go to for when I need work done. I highly recommend them to anyone and I will continue to use them.

Mark D.  Clarkston, MI  48348

I don't often take the time to write a review, but from the first call to the office all the way through the installation of my new master bath faucet, this company was professional, friendly and did exactly what they committed to in the bid. The people handling the phone's at the office where so friendly and professional. They really showed they care. Gary the technician was top notch, friendly and professional!! If you have any doubts about letting strangers into your home you can rest assured, these people at A-fordable Plumbing are trustworthy and reliable!

Jeri S. Clarkston, MI  48348

I was very satisfied with Mike D. And his assistant. They are very professional and knowledgeable, got right to work, and found where the leak was coming from. I would not hesitate to call them again for any problems that might occur.

Wendy M. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike D is awesome! He showed up on time and was able to diagnose and fix my bathroom sink and kitchen sink in under 3 hours and within the quoted price range. I have an old house and A-fordable has helped me with numerous plumbing issues over the last 2 years. I never call around for quotes. I go straight to A-fordable. Their service is excellent and prices reasonable. Mike was very friendly and gave me some good advice on remodeling questions I asked him. Thanks again!

Eva C.   Clarkston, MI  48346

This is the second time I have had A-fordable come out. The first time I had a garbage disposal installed. This time my service tech Mike came out and replaced old pipes and faucet for my washer. First of all Ashley who answered the phone was so friendly anyone would be lucky to have her work for them. Very Friendly which you don't get much. Mike was so nice. Called beforehand very polite. I felt very comfortable knowing that he would do a good job. He went over everything with me. He is coming back tomorrow to do some more work. Would recommend the company and Mike in a heartbeat.

Mark T. Clarkston, MI  48348

Mike (the service tech) had already read up on the job, came and looked at the pipes and knew exactly what to do. He snaked the main line where the problem was and tested the water flow. Problem Solved. He was kind, courteous and very helpful. Will deal with A-fordable Plumbing again for any plumbing needs.   

Melissa S. Clarkston, MI  48346

They have just found life time customers with us! We are remodeling our bathroom and they were so understanding and flexible with us when we would call asking questions and readjusting the quote. The day comes for them to do the work. A job quoted for two days only took one. Mike and Drew were so professional and easy to work with. The work they did looks amazing! Thank you all so much for everything!

Sue L. Clarkston, MI 48348

Jon came out to give us a quote for some work we were having at our church. He was very nice and professional and said they would email me the quote within 24-48 hours. I am very happy with their service so far.

Clawson, MI

Linda I. Clawson, MI 48017

I've used A-fordable Plumbing twice, both times they were efficient, polite, willing to explain things to me and had reasonable fees. The first time I used them it was an emergency and they were the ONLY plumber in my area that would come immediately. I'll use them again and will recommend them to friends    

Terry B. Clawson, MI  48017

Mike D performed all work requested. Did a great job. Very courteous, cleaned up area when he finished. Would recommend Mike and a-fordable plumbing to family and friends.

James N. Clawson  48017

Mike D. came out to replace a floor drain that we were told was broken by another company. When he got here he said he didn't believe it was a broken drain but rather a clogged pipe. Mike was able to snake the pipe, drain the (flooded) water in my basement, and replace the sump pump all for 1/4 of the price I was quoted by the other company. Between this and the bathroom they installed in my basement, I'll never go anywhere else! Also, make sure you request Mike D.!

Paul V. Clarkston, MI  48348

As far as plumbing goes, A-fordable Plumbing is actually that - "Affordable." They are prompt, efficient, professional and kind. Mike D. came out to service us - he did a great job, was very nice and very thorough in his explanation. If you need a plumber, I recommend A-fordable.

Tom P. Commerce MI  48382

Mike D was very knowledgeable and did a great job fixing my toilet flange issue without needing a full rebuild that would cost considerable more money. In addition, his work with the toilet install was exceeding professional.

Farmington, MI

Mary B. Farmington, MI  48334

My shower and water pressure were not working.  A-fordable Plumbing called me and asked some diagnostic questions and made a their best estimate of the cause.  Then they asked me to send a few easy-to-take pictures of the shower valve so that they could locate the needed parts. When the plumber came out, he had the correct parts and was able to fix the shower in the same day.  He was knowledgeable, shared information readily and was very professional.  I would definitely use this plumbing company again. 

Robert S. Farmington, MI  48336

Thank you for your hard work and excellent service.

Andrew P. Farmington, MI   48336

Needed some bath fixtures replaced "Great service!"

Farmington Hills, MI

Nick A. Farmington Hills, MI   48334

"Very good experience. The plumber was on time, knowledgeable, and professional. The installation of my hot water tank went very smoothly."

Tonette H. Farmington Hills, MI  48335

I called A-fordable Plumbing for help with my garbage disposal.  After explaining the problem, Sue talked me through what to do to get it back on track.  After following her directions, the disposal was fixed.  Some plumbing companies would take advantage of this situation and come out for a charge.  I was so grateful that she saved me money.  I will use this company should I ever need any real work done.

Angela H. Farmington Hills, MI   48334

"A-fordable Plumbing was timely, professional and courteous when I need my hot water heater replaced. I will highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on a job exceptionally well done."

Karl K. Farmington Hills, MI  48334

I would recommend A-fordable Plumbing to anyone.  They tolerated my questions and explained everything thoroughly. 

Cathy S. Farmington Hills, MI   48331

"Very prompt courteous service. A-fordable Plumbing came through for us in a hurry. We have already this plumbing company for two other projects, and intend to use them in the future. They worked within our budget, and provided a high quality installation. "

Ron D. Farmington Hills, MI  48334 

Prompt return call and arrival.  The plumber was professional and was able to clear my drain.  He suggested that I have a camera inspection of the drain and have some additional drain cleaning when it was not at weekend emergency rates.  He honesty was appreciated.  I would definitely

Kristi S. Farmington Hills, MI  48331

I was very pleased with their service.  Before the plumber came out the wonderful lady in the office asked for pictures so they could come out once with the parts, saving me money.  She even called the manufacturer of one of the faucets to get warranty replacement parts for one of the newer faucets.  When the plumber arrived, he fixed both issues within an hour and was very pleasant.

Walter Z. Farmington Hills, MI  48331

I hired A-fordable Plumbing to fix a leaky bathtub and a backup sump pump.  They were very professional and punctual.  They quickly fixed both problems & I would definitely use them again. 

Gail W. Farmington Hills, MI  48334

The estimate for work to be performed (gas line for pool heater) was thorough and the price was fair. The technician arrived on time, was extremely polite, and provided me with regular status updates on the job. I hope that I do not need another plumber soon, but if I do they will be the FIRST call I make.  

Jane M.  Farmington Hills, MI  48334

Gary did an excellent job repairing our problem. Very comfortable recommending him. Would definitely call him again.

Jim P.  Farmington Hills, MI  48335

What a great experience! Mike D was fantastic! Just had a new Toto toilet installed! He was in an out in just over an hour. I would highly recommend using A-Fordable Plumbing & Mechanical. Great service, great price & great workmanship!

Todd S. Farmington Hills, MI  48335

Many thanks to Mike D. and A-fordable Plumbing and Mechanical! This was grade A service. Mike attended to a multi-faceted project at a new home I purchased. He worked with great efficiency, had an extremely friendly demeanor, and was very thorough in his work. Afterwards (after a long day) he spent time with me reviewing the details of the work he completed, provided in-depth explanations, and provided very thorough answers to my questions. Without doubt, I will be using A-fordable Plumbing and Mike D. for all my future needs.

Wendy J. Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Jon, did an excellent job of removing cast iron water pipes (dated 1955) from my basement and replacing them with 3" PVC water pipes. Jon had to change a pipe that went through my basement wall to the underground of my back yard. Jon tested for leaks in the new line after he installed the replacement pipes and found no leaks. Jon did notice a deficiency in my laundry tub which would eventually lead to a catastrophe. He explained to me why I need a new laundry tub before the connection between the laundry tub & the clothes washing machine would break and the room would flood with water. I appreciated that Jon noticed the deficiency in my laundry tub and ordered me a new tub to avert a disaster. Jon's diligence has spared me future damage, and I am very grateful for his expertise and top-notch service.  

Wendy J Farmington Hills, MI  48336

"A-fordable" Plumber Jon installed a new laundry tub next to my washing machine in my basement and also installed an "Insta-hot" and water purification water tank under my kitchen sink. For both items that he installed, he answered my questions clearly and thoroughly, in a courteous and pleasant manner. He tested what he installed by "running cycles" to make sure everything was working properly. ................ Jon went "beyond the call of duty" by checking the PVC piping around my new laundry tub, looking for potential problems. He found some PVC piping that required some adhesive to keep it connected, and he applied adhesive. Jon spared me a future leak from that piping, which was preventive maintenance not required, but accomplished just the same. .........I feel grateful to have Jon work in my home because he routinely checks things beyond the job he is doing to spare me future problems.

Ferndale, MI

Rose & Dan C. Ferndale, MI  48220

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU  for coming to our house last night and stopping the water from coming into our basement and fixing the problem with a good snaking.  Hats off to the plumber who stopped in so he could access our problem a day early and also to the other plumber who drove in from Lake Orion after hours and helped us out.  We are telling all our friends about your wonderful caring and knowledgeable employees making your company stand out.  Sue, thank you for being professional and sweet on the phone - great combination.  A far cry from the plumbing company that left us in that mess and told us to wait 5 days so they could dig up our basement!!

Cal S. Ferndale, MI 48229


Darlene B. Ferndale, MI  48220

I contacted A-fordable Plumbing to snake a clogged drain when I was unable to get ahold of my regular plumber.  I liked working with them, they are very responsive and professional and I will use them in the future.

Franklin, MI

Hollie S. Franklin, MI  48025

When I had a problem with my Water Softener System, I called A-fordable Plumbing for service.  The plumber inspected my system and was so honest.  He told me that I did not need a new system and flushed it out and made recommendations for upkeep on my current system and showed me how to do it. I was so impressed with his honesty! I am so pleased I will use him again if anything does come up and I will refer him to others!

Dominic F. Franklin, MI   48025

A-fordable Plumbing  installed a well pump, a sump pump, and an automatic lift pump in my basement. They did a rough and finish plumbing for master bathroom and performed a rough plumbing for main bathroom. They were willing to come in and repair other plumber's errors. When a sump pump that they installed failed, they came on a weekend and replaced it at no charge. They have been a pleasure to work with in scheduling and in willingness to install imported European fixtures. They provide an exceptional quality of work.

Andrew G. Franklin, MI   48025

"Another plumber came out and charged me to try to unclog my drain, but after a week, it clogged back up.  This plumber was much more professional.  You could tell that he did a much better job and my sink is draining perfectly now."

Sheila L. Franklin, MI   48025

A-fordable Plumbing came to replace our water heater. The plumber worked carefully and efficiently to remove the existing water heater and replace it with a new one. When they were finished they made sure the work area was clean and removed the old water heater. The crew arrived promptly at the appointed time. They greeted me politely and went about their work. They were efficient, clean and professional. I also purchased and had them install a reverse osmosis system during this same trip to my home. They took the time to explain the system to me answering all my questions in detail so I could understand the new system. 

Paula D. Franklin, MI  48025

They put in a new hot water heater and hauled away the old.  They completed the job quickly and were very responsive. Also, cleaned up when done.

Heath H. Franklin, MI  48025

A-fordable has done work at our home for years. Always a good job!

Lynn M. Franklin, MI  48025

My experience with A-fordable Plumbing has always been positive. I'm impressed with their professionalism, their results and communication with their customers. Both Will and Gary have done work for me over the past several months, addressing plumbing related problems and improvements. A-fordable will continue to be my plumber of choice.

Huntington Woods, MI

Frank S. Huntington Woods, MI  48070

"Gary of A-fordable Plumbing installed some faucets in my home. He was on-time, and great to have here. Would absolutely recommend and use again. " 

Marsha E. Huntington Woods, MI  48070

I had a clogged pipe that ended up being on the outside of my home.   I would definitely call them back again.

Lake Orion, MI

Fredrich R. Lake Orion MI  48362

Garth the plumber was very pleasant to work with.  He arrived at the promised time, took an appropriate amount of time to meet with me and look at the situation, and took my requirements into consideration when he gave me the estimate.  I called Sue back the next day and scheduled the work to be done about a week later.  Garth arrived on time and spent a day doing a very nice installation.  He was even kind enough to haul away a 400 pound cast iron stack for me!  I  am a do-it-yourselfer who typically does everything myself.  I have a fairly high standard of quality for my own work, and do not suffer 'good enough' service people well.  I was not disappointed, and would gladly recommend A-fordable Plumbing to anyone looking for honest and reputable plumbers.  It was a pleasure getting to know Garth and I hope I will have occasion to use his services again. Thank you!

Gail M. Lake Orion MI 48359

When I called the office everyone I spoke to was pleasant.  Then when the plumber came out to install the water heater - he was AWESOME!  What I really appreciated was that the plumbing company was very up front about the  water heater cost with me.  Another plumber quoted me $100 less, but when he got to my home he increased the price by $800!  They did the work for exactly what  they quoted me and the plumber did a great job.

Dan D. Lake Orion 48359

We called A-fordable Plumbing after hours to clear 2 blocked toilets.  A plumber was on site in 45 minutes. The work was preformed quickly and was well done. 

Pam G. Lake Orion, MI   48359

I had A-fordable Plumbing make a repair to the sump pump in my basement when it was not pumping properly. I am pleased with the repair. I do not know how they fixed it but they have saved me from needing a new one. They were on time, courteous and they were very professional. I felt I got an excellent deal versus replacing my existing pump.

Olaf K. Lake Orion, MI   48360

I needed a pressure relief valve and water shut off switch changed. Got an appointment the same day I called. The plumber called me prior to coming to my place, so I could leave work for home. He showed up in a timely manner and got the work done in 50 min or so. Since then my water heater has been working without any trouble.

Rebecca D. Lake Orion, MI   48362

A-fordable Plumbing came in and removed the old water heater which was leaking and installed a new one. I contacted them at 4 p.m., and they were at my house at exactly 8 a.m. the next day. They are an excellent plumbing company. I am recommending them to friends and would definitely use them again if needed!

Brian H. Lake Orion, MI  48362

My old heater needed to be replaced and the installation required significant work.  The plumber was very patient, methodical and confident in his work.  He took the time to explain what he was doing and gave me advice on how to care for the new heater.  I had a very positive experience with this plumber and his plumbing company.  I will definitely not  hesitate in calling them in the future.

Greg A. Lake Orion, MI   48360

"On time, courteous, job well done.”

Bailey B. Lake Orion, MI  48360 

I called A-fordable Plumbing to repair a leaking reverse osmosis tank.  When Gary the plumber arrived he showed me the part and explained it to me then went right to work and finished in about 30 minutes.  No goofing around!

Stephen V. Lake Orion, MI  48360

We called A-fordable Plumbing when we discovered water in our basement.  They had someone on site within a few hours and were able to quickly diagnose the problem. When I consider the super fast response, polite and clean representatives and a job well done, I will definitely use them again.

Karen B. Lake Orion, MI  48360

The ladies in the office were very pleasant and professional.  I was asked to send pictures of what I thought was a leaking PVC pipe in the basement.  The plumber called when he was near my home and was with the appointment time range.  The plumber made a good first impression by being respectful, professional and kind.   He actually diagnosed the problem was from a leaking 1st floor toilet.  He installed a new wax ring, tank parts and revealed the bathroom floor.  He left the bathroom neat and clean.  I am very happy and pleased with the entire experience and will use A-fordable in the future.  As a woman I am relieved when a service provider is courteous  and has a professional appearance.

Randy S. Lake Orion, MI  48360

Mike really knew his stuff. He was pleasant and got the job done.

Robert V. Lake Orion, MI 48360

I was very happy with the repair work that was done and the quick response. 

Sarah P. Lake Orion, MI 48359

Garth came over to assist me with numerous issues I was having with the plumbing in my home. He was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. He spent an hour with me, explaining in detail what was going on. I got some good news, some bad...but in the end, I was fully informed as to what the issues were. I will absolutely be making A-fordable plumbing my go to plumbing company and will refer them to any friends and family who are looking for a reliable plumbing company. Thank you again, Garth!

David A. Lake Orion, MI 48360

So glad we found this company. We have used them five times now and have not been disappointed yet. Mike D and Joe did a fine job of digging a new discharge line from our sump pump. Hopefully our yard will dry out when it finally stops raining. They are trustworthy, dependable, hard-working and much more. So glad we found this company! 

Jack M.  Lake Orion, MI 48362

Great job as usual!           

David A. Lake Orion, MI  48362

We have used A-fordable Plumbing five times now and have not been disappointed. They are trustworthy, dependable, hard-working and much more. So glad we found this company!

Duane G. Lake Orion, MI  48362

Mike D did an excellent job for us.

Adam A. Lake Orion, MI  48359

Highly satisfied with service and results!!

Katherine S.  Lake Orion, MI  48362

Wow, These guys made a stressful situation a breeze. Our family just moved into a home one month ago and we had some plumbing problems. We called at 9 o'clock at night and had someone there by 3pm the following day. Mike came out and gave us a quote after looking at the problem and it was fixed the following day. Mike made sure the job wasn't half done and took the extra effort to make sure everything was fixed and done correctly. We live in an older home and we were expecting the worst but A-fordable Plumbing made it stress-fee! Thank you guys!

Leslie J. Lake Orion, MI  48359

A-fordable scheduled service for me on 4/25. Mike D. called me 15 minutes before he was scheduled to arrive. He assessed the situation with my drain that continues to back up with every load of laundry. He brought in a big machine and thoroughly snaked the drain but noticed that there was still a gurgling sound. He cut a piece of pipe by the laundry tub and installed something that would allow more air flow. He did that in about 20 minutes! Amazing. And that took care of the gurgling. Now I can do laundry without worrying about the drain backing up and don't have to listen to gurgling either. He was pleasant and professional and I'd request him should I never need assistance again. Thanks Mike D. You rock!!!!

John B. Lake Orion MI,   48326

Mike D installed a new summit complete toilet & 3 new compression shut off valves in my new bathroom he did such a good job and he called me and told me when he would be at my house to do the job and when mike was working he works real clean I liked that and he made it look so easy mike D did such a good job on my bathroom I will be using A-fordable Plumbing and Mechanical, Inc. for now on and asking for Mike D every time I need any Plumbing or Mechanical done at my house he did the job fast and made it look so easy I'm happy that's all I have to say thanks mike and A-fordable Plumbing and Mechanical job well done.

Lathrup Village, MI

Kevin Y. Lathrup Village, MI  48076

"When I called A-fordable Plumbing my basement was beginning to flood.  They came out immediately and changed my sump pump. Thank you for your excellent service!"

Julie C. Lathrup Village, MI  48076

I had A-fordable Plumbing replace 2 shut off valves in my basement and repair some piping for my 1/2 bath.  I would definitely call them again. 

Madison Heights, MI 

Joe R. Madison Heights MI 48071

A plumber called about 15 minutes prior to showing up.  They were very nice and got to work promptly.  They ran a camera down the sewer line and cleared thick roots.  They also ran a gas line for my dryer.  They were friendly, answered all my questions and cleaned up after themselves.  They took great care in moving their equipment up and down the stairs.  I would highly recommend this plumber and will for sure be using them for our future sewer needs

Randall M. Madison Heights MI  48071

We had the plumber repair a toilet that was occasionally leaking.  It needed an extension added to the collar due to a new floor we had installed.  We also had A-fordable Plumbing install a new kitchen faucet.  Both times they have been a pleasure to deal with, well prepared, and the plumber completed his work professionally and quickly in one visit.

Oakland, MI

Jacob N. Oakland MI  48306

Gary the plumber arrived clean shaved with a uniform and very professional.  He snaked out my underground  sump pump pipe,  I had rented a snake the week before and  kept running into something that I though was 15-20 feet out.  Gary ran his snake and he said he was running into something about 60 feet out, so maybe I was getting out farther than I thought.  He got through the blockage and showed me the head of the snake and said it was most likely calcium deposits from the water that had formed over time.  He said I shouldn't have a problem for at least five years.   The price was actually less than then the estimate.  I have never in my life had a service person come and charge me less then what they originally quoted me.  Excellent service, will use them again! 

Dan B. Oakland, MI  48363

I want to compliment Garth the plumber on doing a great job at my home.  I needed a pot filler and when Garth noticed that I did not purchase one, he recommended that I look at Delta because he had seen one in another customer's home.  "That kind of customer service when way beyond the normal call of duty.  I am very happy with the quality of work."  All your staff did an excellent job.

Tim R. Oakland, MI  48363 

Excellent service, the plumber listened to our needs, quickly diagnosed the problems with our faucets and repaired both in the least costly way.

David B. Oakland, MI   48363

We have a back-up sump pump that was not working. A-fordable Plumbing identified the problem and unclogged a drain in our bathroom. They arrived on time and were professional.

Ken T. Oakland, MI  48363

Just awesome can't say how great they were. price,work,technician and finished product the best.....

Mary W. Oakland Twsp., MI 48306

Office staff and technicians are polite, professional and knowledgeable. I knew ahead of time what the approximate cost of my service call was going to be. Repair was made properly and quickly.

Mike took care of issues with two hose bibs. He fixed the problem, was respectably neat in our home, and walked around outside the house with me to explain and show me what he had done. He also managed to finish before I had to leave for another appointment. Bonus. A-fordable Plumbing and Mechanical is a great company that does quality work. 

Anne M. Oakland, MI  48306

A-Fordable Plumbing provides professional service! They listen to your concerns while assessing the situation and then provide a viable solution to your plumbing needs. I greatly appreciated the experience their technician, Mike D., had when my water heater needed repair. Thank You!

David K. Oakland Township, MI  48363

Mike D was very helpful and explain a number of plumbing fixes for my home went above and beyond

Anne S.  Oakland Township, MI   48306

I've used A-fordable Plumbing many times as the plumbing in my 14 year old condo is starting to deteriorate. Mike came out most recently and replaced a leaking faucet in my laundry room. He did a great job, was quick, efficient and friendly. Would recommend.

Nancy B. Oakland Township, MI  48306

I had an issue with a toilet that required repair and I contacted A-fordable Plumbing. The receptionist was very pleasant and friendly. After I described the problem, she provided an estimate of the repair cost range over the phone and scheduled a technician to come to my home. Mike D. arrived right on time and was very polite. After inspecting the toilet, he described what the repair would involve and went to work. After completing the repairs, he showed me exactly what he had done. The final charge was within the price range quoted on the phone. I was very pleased with the entire experience with A-fordable Plumbing and would highly recommend this company to others.

Oxford, MI

Bob W. Oxford, MI  48371

A great experience; definitely better than I expected in all areas. People were pleasant, timing was convenient, work was done professionally and it cost less than I was prepared to pay. What's not to like! Gary and A-Fordable Plumbing turned an unpleasant situation into a positive experience. Adele in the office made sure Gary had everything he needed before he came (even had me send her a picture). Gary called before he showed up, was on time, was professional and had my work done quicker than I expected. If I need plumbing work done in the future I will be using them!

Kevin V. Oxford, MI  48371

Just wanted you to know that everything went well and is working perfectly.  Thanks for accommodating my request to come out early.  I'll be sure to call you guys again for my plumbing needs.  Excellent service.

Jacob D.  Oxford, MI  48371

Called in a slew of folks including insurance and a mitigation company to handle my backed up sewer line and flooded crawl space. Mitigation got the water, and Mike D. of A-fordable Plumbing came in and snaked the drain using a variety of sized blade heads until he could break up the blockage and guarantee a free flowing sewer line. He arrived within 30 minutes of the predicted arrival timeframe and finished his business within 2 hours. He showed me exactly what the sewer condition was at as well signs that lead to future hazards and how he had been able to remove them today. Very professional and helpful with other mechanical questions in the process. A first time call to this company but definitely a job well done.

John S. Oxford, MI  48371

Mike D replaced one of our Kohler faucets in the sink in our bathroom. He was very professional and courteous and did a great job which was somewhat difficult. I would recommend him and his company.

Michael M. Oxford, MI  48371

The best, there is, greatest tech and company i have ever dealt with. 10 stars 

Oak Park, MI

Amber H. Oak Park, MI   48237

"Excellent customer service, excellent work, they'll be the first plumbing company I call for future planned remodeling and updates!

Matt B. Oak Park, MI    48237

"The response time was Great!!! Thanks you for your help out of a mess" 

Pontiac, MI  

Nathan L. Pontiac, MI   48341

A-fordable Plumbing installed a 40 gallon hot water heater.  Great job and excellent price.

Rob W. Pontiac, MI

What a great job Gary did!   He was prompt, courteous, and came prepared with the correct parts.  He did an excellent job repairing my old 3 handle tub/shower valve.

Jessica K. Pontiac, MI  48340

I just want to thank you for your service.  A-fordable Plumbing has earned my business!  I gave you 4 stars on your facebook page and have shared your business page on my facebook timeline.  Thank you.  Honesty goes a long way in today’s world. 

Ronald B. Pontiac, MI  48341

We found Gary to be friendly, respectful, and very competent and will definitely ask for him again.  

Theresa S. Pontiac, MI  48340

I called and talked to Denise who was very helpful. Then Mike showed up on the date and time we had decided on. Mike was very clean and professional. He replaced my sink faucet and plumbing under the sink. He also repaired my toilet. All in a very timely manner. Then left my home as clean as when he walked in the door. A very pleasant experience from beginning to end. 

Rochester, MI  

Tony P. Rochester, MI 

I just wanted to show my gratitude for the great job Gary your plumber did for me.  He was very helpful.  I am in Sales and Marketing and appreciate the little things that make a difference.

DJ H. Rochester, MI    48306

The plumber was very good in all categories and I would not hesitate to use him again. He offered very good insight as to what we needed and also what we didn't need."

Angel M. Rochester, MI  48307

The plumber promptly returned my call and provided me with a cost estimate to replace some water faucets and a toilet seal.  Gary was professional, friendly and showed up on time.  Probably not the cheapest, but a good value because they do the job right.

Bill M. Rochester, MI   48306

"The plumber  was  very quick to respond, showed up on time, and not only repaired the problem, but also showed me how to do it myself if I needed to in the future. Now that's different! Excellent service!"

Mike G. Rochester, MI  48307

I had a gas line installed by A-fordable Plumbing.  The plumber was helpful, reasonable and also answered non job related questions.  He tested the gas line and did an excellent job.

Mary G. Rochester, MI  48307

Mike installed a 40 gallon hot water heater today.  Thank you for sending Mike, he was such a professional.  He installed the water heater, cleaned up everything and took time to explain everything to me.  I  am very happy with the service  I received.

Liz G. Rochester, MI  48309

She called to say what an excellent job Mike did at her home.  He explained the repair and got right to work and didn’t waste any time.  He is wonderful and left nothing undone,  even cleans up everything after he is done.

Chris C. Rochester, MI 48308

They responded quickly to my request, quoted a price and set up my appointment.  The plumber arrived on time, installed a new water heater and cleaned up when he was done.  No drama, no suprises, pricing is higher but you get what you pay for.

Ken M. Rochester, MI  48308

I had A-fordable Plumbing replace a shut off valve in my basement.  I will use them again and found them to be professional and on time.

Heather M. Rochester, MI 48306

I always call A-fordable because they come out quickly and they are very friendly. They answer all my questions and make sure everything is fixed before they leave. 

Ben B. Rochester, MI 48307

Friendly, courteous, respectful, and efficient.     

Vickie C. Rochester, MI 48306

Eric and Jason were very knowledgeable and thorough with the explanation of what had to be done on both visits. Thanks!        

Joe D. Rochester, MI  48307

Gary is an asset to your organization. a good plumber and more important appears to be a good person.  

Alex F. Rochester, MI  48307

It's Thursday Night, I'm in the middle of a meeting at work and one of my family members calls me on my phone over and over, I finally decide to pick up and lo and behold: my water heater finally died and is flooding my basement. By the time I get home it's already 9pm and I've pretty much accepted the fact that our basement was doomed to the threat of water and mold. My uncle told me to call A-fordable Plumbing and I thought that it would be a wasted effort since it was so late, but NOPE! Not only did they come out with a new water heater, they were here within the hour! We had the pleasure of having Mike D be our tech and he was one of the coolest guys I've ever had do any form of work on my house. He answered all our questions, had the best attitude anybody could ask for, and he installed everything (piping too) in less than an hour and a half! Awesome company, awesome tech, and amazing prices (Lowes was AT LEAST $300 more than these guys) 5/5

James P.  Rochester, MI  48307

Our service man was Mike D. We were very pleased with his knowledge, appearance and very polite. He made sure he did not bring in dirt on his feet. He wore shoe covers. We felt very good about having him in our home. We have no problems recommending him to our friends.

Kara E. Rochester, MI  48306

Mike came out and fixed both a pipe leak and put in a new water heater. He was timely, professional and very nice. He did an amazing job and got it done in a timely manner as we just had a new baby and needed the house to be put back together. We will always use A-fordable. Great customer service and amazing service pros! Keep up the great work.

Suzanne U. Rochester, MI  48307

Mike D. was our service technician. He was on time, neat and very professional. He took the time to explain how the hot water heater and water softener works and how to maintain them. We have been impressed with A-fordable Plumbing & Mechanical from the first phone call. I would highly recommend Mike D. as your service technician.

Dave Y. Rochester, MI  48307

Called A-Fordable after reading previous reviews. Kathy was pleasant and professional as was the Will who called shortly after. He showed up quickly and fixed my toilet drain. I would call them again and refer them to others Price was the same as quoted.

Sue V.  Rochester, MI  48307

Mike did excellent work. Both jobs, he was courteous, respectful and extremely knowledgeable. I want Mike for all my future plumbing needs. Jason did an excellent job on replacing my shower and tub fixtures. A-fordable Plumbing is a great company.

Rafael C. Rochester, MI  48306  

A few days ago we had to install a new gas range we bought from Lowe's. Lowe's skillfully left us hanging dry because all they felt responsible for was to connect the hook up kit. Any plumbing work was on me (including a line reduction). We decided to look for a company capable of handling gas lines and found A-fordable Plumbing and Mechanical locally and with high reviews. I called late in the afternoon. They took my name and promised to call back in the morning. Sure, this was the case, and within 5-6 hours we had Jason and Will at our house. Response time was incredibly fast. They did everything professionally and fast. We had the range installed by early afternoon. With Lowe's we probably would still be waiting. I am happy to have used this company, will recommend and use again.

Sue V. Rochester MI,   48307

Mike is the best. Knowledgeable, courteous, respectful, friendly and does great work.     

Kelly UDA, Rochester MI  48307

Excellent from start to finish! Professional, accommodating, efficient, friendly, competent and reasonable priced. Highly recommend! Will be my go to plumber for sure!

Michael R.  Rochester MI, 48306

 Called A-Fordable Plumbing for emergency service. Received a call back within minutes from Mike who provided high level quotes and was at my home within the hour. Mike was very professional, thorough, and quick. I would highly recommend this company.                                      


Rochester Hills, MI

Grant J. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Great job by Mike!

Hershel L. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

We recommend A-fordable Plumbing. Since my wife and I have moved into our new condo, we have had to call this company twice (new water heater, laundry tub, kitchen faucet). The technician we asked for was Mike.  Mike and A-fordable Plumbing were very professional, prompt and efficient.  We are very happy with their work.  Once again, I think it's very important for us to share information on qualified companies to do our home repairs.  So, if you need plumbing done, we highly recommend A-fordable Plumbing.

Clark B. Rochester Hills MI  48306

We really like A-fordable Plumbing because Garth is one of the plumbers and he is very punctual, accurate and is an all around good guy.  He has done quite a bit of work for us including another toilet installation and installation of a gas line for my stove.  The service is good.  Garth calls us on his way here to advise us and tell us what we need.  We like him and he is pretty good about everything.

David L. Rochester Hills MI  48307

My wife noticed a wet spot on our ceiling kitchen, I called A-fordable Plumbing and the plumber arrived around noon.  The plumber was very nice and professional, and answered all our questions.  He replaced a water pipe that extends from the kitchen ceiling to the upstairs bathroom.   

Eleanor Z. Rochester Hills MI  48307

The plumber replaced everything in my toilet tank.  He was very efficient.

Margaret G. Rochester Hills 48071

The plumber was skilled and honest about our plumbing problems.  He repaired my faucet and  toilet and found a crack in my shower stall was causing a leak.  I purchased a faucet thinking it would solve the problem.  He told me the whole shower enclosure needed to be replaced and that would fix the problem.  I appreciated his honesty. He came in ready to work, was responsive to what I said and wasted no time in getting started.  He had all the tools and material that he needed to do my job.

Brad E. Rochester Hills MI  48306 

I broke my copper gas line to my dryer when installing a new dryer.  In fear of being without a dryer for the weekend, I called A-fordable Plumbing first thing on Friday.  They took my information; but wanted to check on some regulations and needed to call me back.  I received a call back within minutes from a plumber.  I received an appointment and estimate for the work the very same day.  A-fordable Plumbing ran a gas line and hooked up everything for me including the dryer vent.  They were courteous and respectful of my house.  I  am pleased with the quality of work and would use them again!

Judy T. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly plumbing company.  On time and done right. Cost was well under budget.

Don & Jeanette N. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Just a comment to indicate how pleased we were with the plumbing services we received from Gary last week.. He was professional, skilled, friendly and he took care of business.  The jobs were done in no time and we have been very happy with the results.  We will definitely call A-fordable Plumbing the next time we need plumbing services and we are recommending you to friends, as well. Thanks.

Catherine H. Rochester Hills, MI

A-fordable Plumbing was quick to respond with courtesy and respect.  They were here when they said they would be.  They made the repairs needed.  If I have need, I will use them again.

Bradford S. Rochester Hills, MI  48308 

They were pleasant , understanding and responsive about my situation.  I needed to get the bathtub faucet fixed that day because it is my only bathroom.  They called back once they were able to give me a window of time .  The plumber that came was very professional.  He understood that since we are going to be remodeling soon , we didn't need the new faucet handles to be anything special.  They didn't try to talk me into anything I didn't need.  He completed the job in a timely, thorough manner.  I would definitely feel comfortable calling them again. 

James T. Rochester Hills, MI  48306 

The plumber saw where the leak was, he checked it and fixed it but also checked the joints above and below to make sure that there were no leaks. He came in and got the job done.

Jennifer T. Rochester Hills, MI 48306

I want to give your plumbing company a gold star.  The plumber was super nice.  You are the best plumbing company I have ever worked with.

Arlene W. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

I can't thank you enough for all your help and quick response to repair my leak.  Garth the plumber was great and did  a wonderful job finding the elusive leak.  Thanks so much!

George S. Rochester Hills, MI 48306

We called A-fordable Plumbing to replace a broken garbage disposal, snake out a sewer and reposition a dishwasher hose.   The plumber was courteous and explained what caused our problems.  I would definitely use this company again.

Richard G. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

I had a sump pump and check valve replaced and also a sump pump cleaned.  Sue was able to quote 2 pump options over the phone, suggested an online coupon and scheduled the repair. The plumber was stellar, probably the best I ever experienced.  If this experience is indicative of this plumbing company, they have got to be the best around.  Quality work and honesty.  I will definitely call them with future plumbing projects and repairs.

Steve M. Rochester Hills, MI   48309

I called A-fordable Plumbing when my sump pump failed.  My request was handled very professionally and they were able to schedule my emergency repair immediately. The plumber called ahead of his arrival, arrived on time, explained the work that needed to be done, and confirmed that the estimate was acceptable. The work was carried out very expeditiously. He maintained the cleanliness of the work areas. The plumber also made additional improvements without raising the cost and provided good explanations of the operation of the equipment.

Sandra L. Rochester Hills, MI   48307

A-fordable  Plumbing came out to work on our toilet, but found out it was really really old & needed to be replaced. We didn't have any work done and they didn't charge us. They gave us a quote on the work when we're ready to replace the toilet. The plumber was professional & understood what he was doing.

Denise M. Rochester Hills, MI    48309

"A-fordable Plumbing was able to diagnose the problem with my well pump repair and repair it the same day.  I'll recommend them to all my friends!" 

Richard T. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

A-fordable Plumbing did an excellent job. They corrected our plumbing problems at a reasonable price.  I will call then again.

Theresa D. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

The plumber  (Gary) you sent out to my house did a fantastic job for me and for my girlfriend who I referred to you.  He really knew how to do his work and did a fantastic job that no one else was able to do.  My girlfriend said her toilets are working, her sink is working and boy, did you notice what a thick head of hair he had! 

Mark C. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

I had A-fordable install a gas line to my barbeque and also a hose bibb.   They were great, gave me pricing options and cleaned up when they were done.

Ambra A. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Everything went smoothly.  The pipes looked great when the plumber was done.  He did not waste any of my time on this project.

Mike S. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

I had a broken supply line between my well and house.  As it turned out, A-fordable Plumbing & Mechanical does not do the type of work I needed.  However, I had a long detailed conversation with Ed.  We discussed my options; repair the supply line or hook up to City water. Ed told me all the steps to connect to City water and accurate costs to do so.  At this time I have decided to fix the well. Because of the professionalism of Ed and the women who 1st answered the phone, they will get my call when I decide to connect to City water.

Jason C. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

A-fordable installed a gas line in my home.  The plumber was quick, efficient, and successful.

Laura D. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

I had a plumber from A-fordable replace my Kitchen faucet.  This is the 2nd time I've used them, they are great to work with and upfront about their costs.

Robert C. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

A-fordable Plumbing repaired some broken water pipes for me in January 2013.  The work was done promptly and professionally.  I had another small leak in the same area in January 2014.  It was not clear if the leak was part of the pipe repair A-fordable had done the year before.  However, despite the uncertainty they did not charge for the repair.

Raquel H. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

Great service from start to finish.  Very professional front office team that seems to genuinely care about their customers plight. Hot water tank was installed the next day and the old tank was hauled away.   My job was not easy, the previous owner framed the doorway too small so the technician had to cut the doorframe and drywall.  I would highly recommend this company.

Nancy H. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

I had several repairs done at my home, toilets repaired and replaced, faucet repairs and a leak in my basement.   My job came in on time and on budget.

Jeanette R. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

Gary was a joyful and trustworthy person.  He only did what was necessary and did not try and talk me into anything else.  He was clean and tidy.  I am very happy with Gary and while I hope I won't need a plumber for a while, I will definitely call again if needed.

Laura D. Rochester Hills, MI 48306

I thought the cost was high for a collar on the pipe. But..... I like your company.         

Lee D. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Great job. Arrived on time. Fair price. 

Shirley B. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

I cannot say enough good things about A-fordable Plumbing! You have helped me out 3 times now. My sump pump just went out and flooded the basement. Your customer service staff is always so personable and pleasant to talk to and within the hour I had Mike D at my front door to put a new sump pump in. He was great

Todd G. Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Mike D. was the service technician and he was awesome. He called 15 mins before he showed up and was right on time. He took off his shoes before going upstairs which is big for me. He took the time to explain what he was going to do and chatted nicely with my 4 year old son. After the job was complete he cleaned up the work area which is another huge win in my book. Mike did an excellent job and I would not hesitate to ask for him in the future. This is my second experience with A-Fordable Plumbing and both times have been great. Keep up the great work!      

Don K. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

Called to give Mike an "Atta Boy", he did a great job!

Tom M. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

I was very pleased with how easy it was to set up an appointment I was especially impressed with the representative that handled my plumbing issues Mike D He was professional knowledgeable and courteous I have additional plumbing and would ask for Mike.

Shelia P.  Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Because I was hiring a company to do work at my mother's home I had to be selective with a company that is honest and timely since I have to take off work to be at her home when the work was done. Their time frame worked well with my schedule.

Rick Z. Rochester Hills,  48306

Service Pro Mike D from A-fordable Plumbing gave us First Class Service. Not only was Mike knowledgeable on how to fix the problem, he was polite and friendly. We would definitely do business with them again. Highly recommended.

Tim  M.  Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Mike D came to our house for a repair on 7/29/15. He called in advance, correctly estimating his arrival within the promised block. He was friendly and personable upon arrival. He assessed the situation, then discussed other issues with our toilet. He provided a comparison of the cost of the repair (and repairs to come) with the installation of a new toilet. All of the information was very clear. While he showed a range of products, I did not feel like he was pushing a more expensive model. We decided to install a new toilet. Mike D quickly scheduled that. As always, A-Fordable Plumbing provided expert and courteous service. Thanks, Mike D.

Kathleen M. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Gary was very polite, helpful and gave me options on how to fix our plumbing problem . And best of all they gave a 2 hour window for the appointment ( not 6 hours like most repair) and called first and got there early! Awesome service.

Don A. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Great work on time! Mike D was courteous and affable. Efficiently performed repairs, cleaned up well after the work and then thoroughly reviewed all the plumbing in the house. Made several recommendations for improvements and noted items that we need to keep an eye on. Overall, very professional and great to work with.

Debra Z. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

Mike D was very professional. He explained to me what was wrong and what he needed to do to fix it. He was efficient and answered my questions. Mike explained to me why I was also having another problem when he could have just left. If I am asked to recommend a plumber, I will definitely give them the name A-fordable Plumbing.

John L.  Rochester Hills MI  48307

Mike D did an excellent job replacing my sump pump and cleaning out a slow moving drain line. I would recommend A-fordable and especially Mike to anyone.

Rob E. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

2nd time I've used this service. Happy with overall request and work completed. I will call them again if/when issues arise.

Michael B.  Rochester Hills, MI  48309

This was my first experience with A-fordable plumbing and it was great! They were extremely professional...from Kathy providing up-front estimates on the cost of installation of new fixtures and followed up with an email to confirm, to Mike D. as my plumber… Mike was very nice and easy to talk to. He also made sure to clean the work area after he finished. Service was very good; I will be contacting them again very soon.

Hershel L Rochester Hills, 48307

On time with appointment. Friendly service. Okay on cost. I would recommend.

Phyllis A. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

The technicians (as well as customer service) were prompt, efficient and very knowledgeable. They completed the work in a timely manner, answered my concerns and I would certainly use them again.

Thomas L. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

The technician, Mike D was great. Very skillful and worked efficiently and explained everything. Excellent experience.

Joe  D. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Gary just installed a gas line for my new range. He did a great job, was very professional, personable and thorough. He is a true asset to the company.

Faisal W. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Mike did a thorough, professional job in servicing our high-end kitchen faucet (which was leaking). He was courteous and even changed our old shower rod for free so that we could install a new shower head on it. 

Dena P. Rochester Hills, MI  48307

Mike D was excellent       

Gary S.  Rochester Hills, MI  48309

We had an excellent experience with A-fordable from start to finish. John came out for the estimate, and gave us two options. He recommended the less-expensive option, which was a hydro-jetting of our roots and sludge in our sewer line. When he came back out the second time to do the work, he and his team were friendly, efficient, and thorough. The recommendation he made worked beautifully, and we couldn't be happier.  

Pia T. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

I have contacted A-Fordable Plumbing directly from the internet and I need to have a toilet reset and new wax ring installed. I received awesome service! Before I decided to pick this company I contacted 3 more and A-fordable plumbing was the only one that responded to my inquiry ( the other 3 never responded back). This company confirms via email which is also a plus and the technician came exactly at the time he promised. Prices are fair for services rendered, prompt response, knowable crew, would highly recommend this company and their staff! 

Don N. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Gary, our Service Tech., was excellent. Very knowledgeable, very skilled, and totally professional. We'd highly recommend this company.

David B. Rochester Hills  48309

Professional and competent service. Also, service man was most pleasant to talk to and explained well what he was doing.

Susan C. Rochester Hills, 48307

This was my second experience with A-fordable plumbing. Both times I was very satisfied with my service! Gary was my plumber on my first visit...Eric handled my second visit. Both were professional, competent and did an excellent job! I would "highly" recommend this company for any of your plumbing needs! Very reliable company!

Dave D.  Rochester Hills, MI 48309

I’m a knowledgeable homeowner who does most of my own work. I am pleased to say that the worked performed by Gary, the Service Technician assigned to my job was very well done and exceeded my expectations. Gary was a great person, professional, and did the job far better than even I would have done. It’s the small things - the routing of the gas line, the attachment of the line to walls and joists, the after-job cleanup, which tell you what type of person and company you’re dealing with. I was very happy, hence my 5 star review. I would not hesitate to use A Fordable, and Gary, again.  

Nan S. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

I scheduled an appointment for 12/5/17— and when Ashley called today, and said a tech could come today, I was so excited. Had been having a sewer odor in house on/ off for 6 weeks, just on one side of house. First plumber couldn’t find it, no odor at that time. Had a leak company come, they found leak, but don’t do the repairs. That is when I called A-fordable Plumbing & Mechanic. Jon K. came today, polite, neat and professionable. He knew exactly what do and how it should be done. All the PVC sewer piping in attic space above garage had come unsealed!! He replaced and repaired and re-glued and braced the lines up there. He was so pleasant, cleaned up everything and was done. Hopefully that takes care of odor, and I can go to sleep tonight, not afraid that I will wake up dead from the odor! (Lol)

Emily P  Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Mike D. was a great technician and I’d definitely use A-fordable Plumbing again.  

Kim W.  Rochester Hills, MI  48307

Had a sump pump and water backup system installed by Jon K. He did such a great job that we asked for him again when we scheduled an appointment for installation of two new toilets. From appointment scheduling to actual work being done, A-fordable staff was efficient, friendly and got the job done. We will definitely be contacting A-fordable for our future plumbing needs.    

Steve K. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Had a very positive experience. Service Pro was very efficient in clearing frozen waste stack serving master bathroom by removing toilet and clearing ice buildup with small sewer machine.

Shirley B.  Rochester Hills, MI  48309

If you want the best you'll get the best and I've found that to be true from the minute you make the call to the office and speak to ASHLEY, but even more so when you have GARY handle your plumbing/mechanical problems. He is just good at what he does, always most professional to get the job done and nice to talk to! In general, can't say enough good things about A-Fordable. Wouldn't use anyone else! 

Richard H. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

We had a blockage in our sump pump drain to the storm sewer system. Mike was our technician. He called before he arrived to let us know when he was coming. He arrived on time. We talked through the issue. He respectfully answered my questions and went to work and solved the problem. He fixed the problems and we were very pleased with his work and have no problem recommending him or your business to other possible customers.

Joel D. Rochester Hills, MI  48306

Great Job! On time, very component, great clean-up. 

Chong C. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Great work, nice people, and reasonable price.    

Carla D. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Amazing company!! We had a leak in our water service line...five feet underground. John came and quoted our job. He was neat, professional and was more than willing to answer all of my questions. Gary came to do the work on the inside of the house. He was equally as neat and professional. I honestly didn't even know that he was in my house. Plumbing is not something that you want to spend your money on but this company provided us with top notch service with confidence!! We would not hesitate to use them again and refer them to our friends. Thank you so much!! 

Julie K. Rochester Hills, MI  48309

Had Columbus from A-fordable Plumbing come out - he was very friendly and knowledgeable. Price was fair. Will definitely call again.

Royal Oak, MI

Barbara M. Royal Oak, MI  48073

I had  a leak in my basement and A-fordable Plumbing found it and changed the pipe.  It was the first time I used this plumbing company and they were great.  A few days later, I received a letter in the mail  thanking me for using them.  I would  definitely use them again.

Justine S. Royal Oak, MI   48073

"Very courteous and helpful. I had another  plumbing company quote on unclogging  our drain, they said they couldn't snake the drain because it was an old system -- their recommendation would have cost me over $900. A-fordable Plumbing not only took care of the problem, but did it for $115.

Dayna V. Royal Oak, MI   48073

"A-fordable Plumbing cleared our kitchen drain.  The plumber was really nice and explained how to avoid the problem in the future."

Mike D. Royal Oak, MI  48073 

They were very quick to respond to my plumbing request.  The work was scheduled and performed in a timely manner.  The service technician answered all my questions was very knowledgeable.  He showed me what was wrong with my toilet and how to fix it the next time the problem occurs. I definitely recommend them and will  use them again if needed. 

Steve M. Royal Oak, MI 48073

Gary is a remarkable plumber, very experienced

Patrick M. Royal Oak, MI 48073

Came On Time, Very Knowledgeable, showed me what he was doing, and Let me look over his shoulder the whole time.

Mike D. Royal Oak, MI  48073

They were very quick to respond to my plumbing request.  The work was scheduled and performed in a timely manner.  The service technician answered all my questions was very knowledgable.  He showed me what was wrong with my toilet and and how to fix it the next time the problem occurs. I definitely recommend them and will  use them again if needed. 

I needed a faucet replaced and received a prompt call-back from A-fordable Plumbing. The plumber showed up on time and was very friendly & efficient.  Pay rate “by the hour" jobs usually worry me, but this job was finished in 30 minutes. I will be using this company again for any future plumbing jobs."

Angela L.  Royal Oak, MI  48073

A-fordable has provided great service to me regardless of what tech arrives. Always on time, professional, thorough and detailed. Couldn't ask for better service. THANK YOU!!

Mike B. Royal Oak, MI  48073

I have to say, albeit we had a couple little frustrating issues in the beginning, these guys didn't stop until they found the problem and fixed it perfectly. Their customer service is exemplary, 100 percent of the time with a great attitude. I deal with a lot of different trades in my world and these guys have been phenomenal. Kudos, to the management of this company, I can only assume that that attitude works from the top down but you got to be very proud of the people who make your company look great thanks everyone.

Bill D.  Royal Oak, MI  48067

I just had a gas line replaced for Dryer and installed for a range by Mike D. He was great!! Very personable, explained everything he was doing and walked me through the work before and after. Definitely would recommended him and A-fordable Plumbing.

Doug P. Royal Oak, MI  48073

Mike D ripped out our leaking concrete laundry tub, installed new tubs, taps and ran copper to replace some old galvanized pipe, snaked the drain to the street and left zero debris behind. Mike does great work. This company is easy to do business with and I highly recommend them.

Dan V. Royal Oak, MI  48067

Jon at A-Fordable Plumbing installed a new, larger, water heater for us and did a great job. Technician was friendly and professional, showed up on time (about halfway through a two-hour appointment window), and completely cleaned the work site when finished. Water heater has been working great, not a single problem. These guys will be my first call for any future plumbing needs, A service!

Southfield, MI

Tracy S. Southfield, MI  48076

It isn't often these days that you find a company that is more interested in helping its customer and providing good service than it is in racking up as many charges as they can.  A-fordable Plumbing is one of those rare companies. Our well would not turn on.  We reached Sue and she was terrific about getting us in touch with a well specialist. Not once, but twice one of their plumbers, Gary called to walk us through what to check.  Gary was awesome and really knew his stuff.  With his guidance, my boyfriend was able to solve the problem himself.  Greg & Sue at A-fordable were terrific to deal with and really interested in helping a tight situation . A-fordable is the only company we will call.  They have our trust and we would deal with them any time!

Jim B. Southfield, MI  48075

Thanks for providing outstanding service.  Prompt, professional and through.  Will definitely recommend to anyone who needs plumbing work done.

Corrin M. Southfield, MI  48076 

I had an old faucet in my home that needed to be fixed.  The part had to be specifically ordered.  When it did not arrive as expected, I received a phone call with the updates.  Once the part arrived, they were prompt.  I was told the plumber would be to my home within 30 minutes and he arrived in 20.  He put booties on his feet so he didn't track anything inside the home.  He fixed it efficiently and cleaned up nicely after.  I also received a follow up letter from A-fordable Plumbing thanking me for my business which I've never had before.  They were wonderful and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Ben L. Southfield, MI 48076

"Contact on Friday, quote on Monday, work completed on Wednesday. Prompt and courteous. I was able to contact A-fordable Plumbing easily - no answering machines. This was a very large job and A-fordable Plumbing made the process as painless as possible. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

Ron A. Southfield, MI   48076

"Very quick response... both with initial phone call as well as with their service call. I was looking for a replacement to my sump pump. Rather than come out with an estimate, they quoted me a flat rate for parts and labor. Since I had an idea of replacement cost for a sump pump, this made the "value determination" very easy for me... I would highly recommend them!"

David J. Southfield , MI  48076

I am extremely satisfied with my recent service from A-fordable Plumbing.   I requested assistance in determining if my gas line was installed correctly for the installation of my new dryer.  I received a response within 1 day, submitted pictures and was informed that I would need a gas shut off valve to meet the current building codes.

A-fordable worked around my schedule.  I was notified 1 hour prior to the arrival of the plumber.   When the plumber arrived he explained that my current flex piping was aluminum and also was not up to code.  He installed steel and CSST flex line.  The final cost of the work was right on target.   I appreciate the professional and friendly service throughout the entire process.

Cindy E. Southfield, MI 48076

When I called to schedule my repair the person answering the phone was very cordial  I relayed my problem and was given an appointment time slot.  The service plumber called prior to the appointment to let me know he was on his way.   He looked at my toilet, told me the problem and fixed it.  After he was done, he showed me the old parts that he replaced.  He was very professional and I would recommend A-fordable to anyone who is looking for excellent service.

Eric O. Southfield, MI  48076

A-fordable is the only company that was able to provide me with proper direction on how to solve a sewer repair problem.  They gave me a fair price on the repair, pulled the necessary permits and use high tech quality equipment  to replace my sewer line.

 Roseann L. Southfield, MI 48076

Another fine job by Mike D as he installed a new toilet in our downstairs bathroom. My husband and I tried to repair the old one and it was a major headache. Mike also took care of a leak under our laundry room tub which was very hard to reach. We are completely satisfied!   

Brittany J. Southfield, MI  48075

Gary came out to fix a hot water handle in the shower which had come off. He was on time, and very professional. The handle is like new now and I don't believe we will ever have a problem with it again. I will say the only downfall would be the cost of having it fixed ($170) but then again I am not experienced with plumbing and having things fixed professionally in a home so I can not say the price was unreasonable because I have no experience to compare. We've had a cheap "handy man" come and "fix" this handle before and it still ended up needing to be fixed by Gary from A-Fordable Plumbing, so you get what you pay for. I will call them again for any plumbing services needed.

Sterling Heights, MI

Lorraine S. Sterling Heights, MI  48312

I needed a plumber quick to clean drain from toilet.  He was here within 45 minutes.  Work was done within one hour.  I would recommend this plumbing company.  Very happy with the quick service.

Derrick W. Sterling Heights, MI

The plumber installed a gas line to my range.  He arrived on time and did an excellent job.

Ashley S. Sterling Heights, MI

"My tub drain was clogged with hair.  The plumber opened the drain and showed me how to maintain it."

JoAnne H. Sterling Heights, MI  48312

The plumber arrived on time and completed the job in a professional manner with care to my property.  The area was left clean and my laundry tub was installed better that before.

Paul L. Sterling Heights, MI  48310

I had A-fordable Plumbing replace a refrigerator line, toilet gasket and lavatory sink.  The plumber was excellent.  He did not only do what I called him for but he did  other work and I was very well satisfied.  He was reasonable, quick and the quality of work was excellent. 

Kathryn K. Sterling Heights MI  48313

I called this plumbing company to unclog a drain and install new pipes under my kitchen sink.  Everything was done perfect.The plumber removed a large root that plugged our outdoor sewer pipe.   Another plumber quoted me a high price to remove the root.  A-fordable Plumbing came out and knew immediately to use the regular cleanout with a bigger cutter.  Now 1 month later the plumbing works fine.  A good lesson about using a quality plumbing company. Don't let someone pressure you into an expensive plumbing repair.  Try a service with good recommendations, for at least another opinion.

Sharon R. Sterling Heights, MI  48312

I had A-fordable replace a water supply line for my dishwasher.  The work was done timely and professionally.

Christine R. Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Great experience with the entire company and office staff. Mike D. was awesome. Professional, courteous, friendly, on time and very reasonable. He did a great job. Would totally recommend to others and will definitely call again if the need ever arises. 

Tom V. Sterling Heights, MI  48312

Mike D came out to install a new water heater for us today. He was on time, friendly, polite and professional. He insisted on cleaning up all drips and soot although I told him I'd take care of it. The job was completed efficiently and quickly. I was given a good price and I'd certainly recommend Mike D and A-Fordable Plumbing and Mechanical to anyone. 

Contel B.  Sterling Heights MI,   48310

The technician was in and out in an hour and even helped me saved 90 bucks. Great service that I highly recommend.


Elena G. Sterling Heights, MI  48312

I have used Affordable Plumbing several times now. Always good work. No problems afterwards.              

Sylvan Lake, MI

George L. Sylvan Lake, MI  48320

The plumber removed a large root that plugged our outdoor sewer pipe.   Another plumber quoted me a high price to remove the root.  A-fordable Plumbing came out and knew immediately to use the regular cleanout with a bigger cutter.  Now 1 month later the plumbing works fine.  A good lesson about using a quality plumbing company. Don't let someone pressure you into an expensive plumbing repair.  Try a service with good recommendations, for at least another opinion.

Troy, MI

Joseph S. Troy, MI  48085

Ask for Gary the plumber. Professional, Prompt, courteous and quick

Jonathan M. Troy, MI  48084

I will definitely use A-fordable Plumbing for future use.

Douglas N. Troy, Michigan  48083

"I would like to let Garth's supervisor know that we were very pleased with him on our service call today.  It's refreshing to know that there are still people out there that take the time to answer our questions and do a quality job as well.  We will definitely not hesitate to call A-fordable Plumbing next time we need a good plumber.  We will also refer our friends and family to your plumbing company.  Thank you for the quick response time."

Allan K. Troy, MI   48084

A-fordable Plumbing found an obstruction in my sump pump drain pipe. They had to dig out the area and install a new pipe.  They also added a new access for cleanout in future. They were systematic and pulled all the permits. I am happy and confident with their work. They cleaned up and left the site looking undisturbed. Lucky me-the problem was caused by the cable company which poked a hole in the drain pipe which allowed roots to grow in.

Ralph J. Troy, MI   48098

"On time, through, neat & clean, friendly plumbing company."

Mary Ann D Troy, MI 48098

A-fordable Plumbing removed a badly cracked section of drainage pipe in my basement.  Gary, my plumber removed the concrete, replaced the damaged pipe and cleared the accumulated debris.  Plumbing is not a pretty job.  I am glad that I now have a plumbing company that I am happy to refer.

As handy as I am, I know my limits. A-fordable Plumbing is a local and has good reviews.  Gary called prior to arriving to give me an ETA and was at my door with disposable booties in hand.  Looking at the project, he discovered another leak that I had failed to notice.  With poor lighting, cobwebs and not a lot of room he had me beaming in under 2 hours.  I am a happy camper.

Richard B. Troy MI 48084

Very professional plumber on the replacement of my sump line.  They did a GREAT job.  I am very pleased with the way the job was done and the care that was taken with my yard.  If you ever need a recommendation, I will be glad to give you one.  This job was PERFECT!

A. L. Troy MI  48098 

It as late evening, about 10 P.M. when we turned on the valve for our underground sprinklers.  It started to leak and spray all over the basement.  We were unable to turn the valve off. so we had to turn off the main water supply.  When I called A-fordable Plumbing, I got through immediately to a real person.  I explained my situation and they quoted me a price.  The plumber arrived within 30 minutes and replaced the sprinkler valve.  However when he went to turn on the main water valve it was inoperable.  The plumber said that if the city could repair the water main he could be out at 7 A.M.  When the city arrived at 7:15 the plumber was already there waiting.  Once they arrived he was able to finish quickly.  Everything was left completely clean.  I would definitely recommend them as well as use them again.  I got a letter from the owner after the job, thanking us for the business.

Gail C. Troy, MI

I received a high water bill from the water department and they told me I needed to check for leaks.  We turned off all our water and the meter was still spinning.  We have been having some issues with our toilets so Gary the pumber checked it out and told us we needed to fix them.  Once they were repaired the water meter stopped spinning so we knew this was indeed the issue.  We will definitely hire them again if we have plumbing issues.

Tracy W. Troy, MI

Although we have not used their services yet, I wanted to take the time to commend the excellent customer service that I receive over the phone.   I heard a running water noise in my home and found the pressure cap had popped of the top of a pipe that was coming from the side of my house with  only minor dripping was occurring. 

I called C**** Plumbing because of high ratings.   The women answering the phone didn’t care about my situation, but took all my contact information but was not able to provide me with an estimate.  However, I reluctantly scheduled an appointment. 

After speaking with my fiancé, we decided that it might be a problem with the sprinkler system.  I wanted some confirmation so I ended up calling A-fordable Plumbing.  I spoke Denise, a very nice lady.  She took the time to listen to my situation and agreed with our diagnosis, suggesting that it did not need to be fixed until Spring.   She gave me an estimate and stated that if we investigated more and had any reservations that she would be happy to assist. 

That 10 minute phone call sold me on the type of excellent customer service that this company can provide and I will use them for any potential plumbing needs.  Needless to say I cancelled my emergency visit with the other company.

Aman B, Troy, MI  48085 

A-fordable Plumbing came out to check a ticking noise that we kept hearing after we flushed our toilet.  This is the 3rd time A-fordable has done service at our home.  We like them because they are punctual, and have a fixed rate for everything.

Kathleen W. Troy MI  48083

My husband had trouble installing a toilet so we called out A-fordable Plumbing.  The plumber was very prompt, even came early and quickly finished the toilet installation.  I would absolutely use this company in the future.

Suman N. Troy, MI 48083

A-fordable Plumbing installed a new cartridge for my Moen tub faucets.  The work was excellent and I got a good price.

Coreen C. Troy, MI  48085

Made a late night call to A-fordable Plumbing when I found water on my basement floor.  The plumber responded promptly, replaced my sump pump and snaked out a blocked discharge line.  He also gave me tips on ways to prevent this in the future.

John K. Troy, MI  48084

When I had problems getting our shower hot, Gary installed a new pressure cartridge and adjusted the temperature. It worked like a charm.  I will use A-fordable again and recommend them to anyone in need of a plumber.

Ivan B. Troy, MI  48083

On a Saturday morning I discovered a leak in my hot water tank.  I was given a quote over the phone and were able to get a new water heater installed that afternoon.  The technician arrived on time and when he was done cleaned the area and disposed of the old heater.  I couldn’t have asked for more.   They were punctual and professional.  

Irene L. Troy, MI 48098

Mike D was very courteous and professional. He did a great job in solving my problem and I would use this service again.    

Tom M. Troy, MI 48098

Excellent service, very helpful servicemen. 

Holly R.  Troy, MI 48098

Good quick service. Fixed the problem right away.             

Charlene H.  Troy, MI  48085

Personnel were friendly and arrived within the window of schedule. Plumber was efficient and installed a good backup system for my sump pump.

Mark S. Troy 48083

This is the 3rd time using A-fordable. This company has always been great to work with. Gary called when expected, arrived on time, and quickly evaluated the tasked. Talked it over, and he got the job done quick, A-fordable work with the city water department to have the main to house shut off, and back on when completed. Great service and people to deal with.

Lydia F. Troy, MI 48098

Gary is a professional and very approachable plumber. He repaired my toilet and kitchen faucet. I will continue to use A-Fordable plumbing for all my plumbing needs.

Tom S.  Troy, MI  48083

They haven't done any work for me yet but so far they have come out twice to give helpful advice. I'm finishing some carpentry before I call them to do the work.

Mike C. Troy, MI  48084

Mike removed a leaking drain pipe under a sink cabinet, which was difficult to access, and installed a new drain disposal pipe and dish washer pipe, The pipe was rerouted into the basement where it was connected to the stack pipe. Much more than I had expected . A job well done, and I will request Mike for future service. M.C.

Yehli C. Troy, MI  48085

I'm glad that I called A-fordable Plumbing, their customer service lady, Ashley was very helpful to arrange the service appointments based on my needs, Service Pro. Jason M was very nice and professional, completed the jobs as he promised, explained things very clearly whenever I asked, cleaned up the areas after job was done, it was a pleasant experience with A-fordable Plumbing. Thank you.

Joe S. Troy, MI  48085

Service Pro Mike came out today and installed a new sump pump in record time. He showed up on time and cleaned up after himself. Good to do business with this outfit. No hassles whatsoever.

Jeff D.  Troy, MI 48085

Recommend Mike. I had some issues with a couple toilets, clogged drain, and wanted my sump-pump assessed. He was on-time, professional, and made an evaluation of the multiple issues I needed looked at. He did an on the spot quote and completed the repairs. Work turned out great. I will be scheduling future service with him to get an updated sump and back-up installed. Great recommendations and review of options.

Theresa R.  Troy, MI  48085

Quality work and a professional team! I have used A-fordable Plumbing for 2 large projects (Install sump pump and hot water heater) as well as a small project to replace the trip drain in my tub. The customer service is great! All of the projects have been completed quickly, affordable, and the technicians do not leave a mess behind. The work is done in a quality manner. My recent technician Mike (Tech 2-Mike) was friendly and explained the project up front. He was transparent about the cost before beginning the project and delivered. He even took a video so I could see the issue behind the walls and then explained to me what needed to be replaced. Before leaving, he even gave me some useful maintenance tips. I definitely recommend this company for all plumbing & mechanical issues.

Rick M.  Troy, MI  48085

Great service and attention to detail.

Patricia M. Troy, MI  48085

The service was quick and reasonable. Jon was very polite and on time. Had three things done at one visit. All things are working great now and even hauled dishwasher and hot water tank with him. Five stars from the help with the appointment to the tech. Will for sure use them again!

Barb K.  Troy, MI 48083

Mike D went above and beyond helping me get my bathroom water issue fixed. Called on a Sunday morning and he was at my house in less ten an hour. Not only did he replace my shut off valve he offered to take out the toilet for me that I was going to be replacing after a remodel. I will be calling him when I am ready for a toilet install!

April T. Troy, MI 48083


Jim H. Troy, MI  48098

Technician John did a fantastic Hot Water Tank installation for us. We have used A-Fordable on many occasions and will continue to do so in the future. We would fully recommend A-Fordable for your any Plumbing requirements you may have. We have used this company many times over the past few years to fix our plumbing problems. They are a most reliable, friendly and knowledgeable plumbing company you could wish for. They are always on time and call 15 mins ahead of their arrival time. They carry out their tasks in a very professional expert manner. After the repairs they clean up and never leave any mess. We would always recommend this company for all your plumbing repairs and we will certainly continue using them for any future repairs. Thank you Gary and John.

Waterford, MI

Linda M. Waterford, MI  48327

My sump pump quit working when I was not home. Fortunately, I do have a back up sump pump that kept the basement from flooding. I called A-fordable plumbing to schedule a plumber. I was able to get an estimate over the phone for a new sump pump.  The plumber arrived an hour later and installed my new sump pump.  It is working great.  I would call this company again in a heartbeat

Julie H. Waterford, MI  48327

I wanted to thank you so much for the professionalism of everyone in your company.  Gary the plumber was very professional.  Thank you to Denise who took the time to do the groundwork to insure that the plumber had the proper information to complete my repair.  Two other plumbers could not figure it out.  Gary knew exactly what to do to repair my leak.

Craig S. Waterford, MI  48327

Hired this plumbing company based on reputation for quality work performed at a fair price.  Plumber showed up that day as scheduled.  Was very professional, courteous and completed the job quickly.  Final price was at the low end of the estimate.  Overall very satisfied and will consider using this company in the future.

Jim D. Waterford, MI  48327

A-fordable Plumbing replaced a water pump in our well and changed some piping. The plumbers did a great job. They did arrive on time and did quality work. They were easy to work with. Their price was very reasonable and I would recommend them to others.

Julie H. Waterford, MI  48328

A very professional plumber called me 20 minutes before his arrival (which was well in the time window promised), showed up, introduced himself, and shook hands. He asked me to show him all my plumbing issues - I had 4 - leaky kitchen sink, droopy dishwasher hose, stripped screw on a shower faucet, and a did-it-myself sink stopper job that needed adjustment. He took care of the sink, routed the trap properly, tied up the dishwasher hose so that it couldn't fall down, pointed out that my shower faucet handle was cracked (and advised me on a replacement), and took care of the sink stopper. Neat, clean, quick, clearly knew his business. Will use this plumbing company again, and recommend them to others. Painless repair and very reasonable price.

John D. Waterford, MI 48328

"We had a pipe leaking behind the wall.  Gary our plumber arrived with a small camera and was able to find the leak and repair it with minimal damage to our drywall."

David E. Waterford, MI  48328

“The plumber replied to my request within 5 minutes and serviced my gas pipes the next day. Very helpful. Will use again and recommend highly!"

Terry B. Waterford, MI 48329

I had a horrible sewage smell.  I called  A-Fordable Plumbing and told the plumber my problem, he told me over the phone what I needed to do. It cleared up right away.  

Lisa P. Waterford MI  48327

A plumber from A-fordable came to my home and fixed a very clogged sink.  He was very prompt and professional at a reasonable price.

Janet G. Waterford, MI  48329

I used A-fordable Plumbing to replace the gaskets on 2 running toilets.  They did an excellent job and I will be using them again.

Mark B. Waterford, MI  48329

I had A-fordable Plumbing repair a leak in my sink and also repair a leak in the ice maker line to my refrigerator. The appointment process was quick and easy, the plumber arrived on time and repaired the items properly.

Johanna S. Waterford, MI 48329

Mike D. was very professional and knowledgeable. I am extremely satisfied with his service from start to finish.

Greg K. Waterford, MI 48327

Mike D was very professional and very clear as to what needed to be done. He went over the result of his efforts and did a quality job. I have use your firm before and will again. You are dependable.   

Lisa E. Waterford, MI  48327

Mike D was very professional and personable and did great work fast! Thanks so much!

Kendra B. Waterford, MI  48327

A-fordable was fantastic, first time user new long time customer!! Mike D. is excellent and want him back in the future!!!! Great pricing, great work and service was spectacular!

Don B  Waterford, MI  48328

On time. Very courteous and professional.

Mary Q. Waterford, MI  48329

Service Rep was very knowledgeable and did a great job! The price was good too. 

Jana F. Waterford, MI

Positive, our service man Mike D. Was very knowledgeable and fixed our current problem and also diagnosed a plumbing problem we have had for years that no one else could solve. Will ask for him in the future.

West Bloomfield, MI

Amarjit N. West Bloomfield, MI  48322

I just wanted to thank you all for your efforts in plumbing my store on Orchard Lake Road.  It was a huge relief to pass this inspection and it could not have been possible without the efforts of all the people at A-fordable Plumbing. I was treated with respect whenever I called for guidance or any question.  I never felt that I was in this alone due to the strong support given by all of you.  I will definitely recommend A-fordable Plumbing to my friends and keep you in mind for future plumbing needs.  It was a pleasure to work with Garth, who went out of his way to help and guide us. Your efforts are very well appreciated.

Pat L. West Bloomfield, MI  48324

I want take a moment to say how pleased I am with the professionalism and quality of service that Mike and A-fordable Plumbing provided today in replacing my hot water heater.  Mike was also very friendly and engaging in conversation about a variety of subjects.

Mary D. West Bloomfield, MI  48323

I had A-fordable repair a faucet and replace some filters.  They were very easy to schedule  were prompt and efficient.

Dana W. West Bloomfield, MI 48324

I am an owner of a salon and called to schedule an estimate.  Sue answered my questions and was able to troubleshoot over the phone.  She had me take pictures of my plumbing and send them to her so that she could look up the manufacturer parts.  Amazing! This company has not forgotten that plumbing is vital to my business. Going forward, I will call this plumbing company first.

Sarah M. West Bloomfield, MI  48324

I want to say that Mike, Eric and Garth were a fantastic plumbing team.  Mike worked like a dog for 5 days and remained positive, friendly and supportive throughout.   I have always been impressed with all the guys throughout the years but this time around, I was even more so.  Thank you for taking such good care of us!

Alfreda F. West Bloomfield, MI  48323

Job Well Done!

Helen C. West Bloomfield, MI  48324 

Right in the middle of a baseball playoff on Saturday night my water heater exploded.  Gary the plumber came to the rescue.  He was very professional, very efficient, and did a wonderful job.  He was a perfect gentleman! If I ever need a plumber in the future, you will be the plumber I call.  Thank you.

Nora I. West Bloomfield, MI  48323 

Services were not performed, but I did contact them for information and a quote.  The service is awesome in regards to the responsiveness and the knowledge.  I contacted them for running a city water line and the customer service is just awesome.  I would chose them if we decide to move forward with the job.  We put it on hold for now, but when we do move forward A-fordable  Plumbing would be our choice.

Julie S. West Bloomfield, MI  48323

I've had A-fordable Plumbing out several times for various jobs. Every time they were very professional and punctual. They re-plumbed my furnace room and fixed the water pressure throughout the house. On a couple of occasions, they instructed me over the phone on how to easily fix problems myself in order to save me money on an actual visit!

Patrick S. West Bloomfield, MI   48322

"Recommended alternatives to save money, yet achieve stated objectives."

Kathy C. West Bloomfield, MI   48324

When I needed a gas line run to my fireplace and a new hot water heater I called A-fordable Plumbing. They were great! The price came in at less than quotes I received from 2 other plumbers. The plumber showed up right on time, completed his work with professionalism and made sure everything was operating properly before he left.

Drew W. West Bloomfield, MI  48324

"Owning a company called Express Handyman myself, it is reassuring to know that there are still a few GREAT companies in the marketplace. A-fordable Plumbing and Mechanical did an excellent job from start to finish. I would love to recommend them to my friends and family. They were on budget, on time and very professional!!!"

Nathan B. West Bloomfield, MI   48324

"We had a new reverse osmosis system installed.  WOW - now our water tastes wonderful!  I'll never drink water out of a plastic bottle again.  If you are thinking about a reverse osmosis system, I would recommend this plumbing company."

Ben S. West Bloomfield, MI  48324

The plumber ran a new gas line for my built in gas range.  They used a flexible stainless steel pipe and ran it from the basement to the stove on the first floor.  The two plumbers were very nice and the job took about 2 hours.  I would recommend them. 

Stacie R. West Bloomfield, MI  48324 

Your plumber discovered that the gas line feeding my dryer was kinked and too small.  While I didn't expect to spend this much money, I am happy that the plumber was able to find a problem that could be fixed and was able to take care of it so quickly.

Jean K. West Bloomfield, MI  48324 

A-fordable Plumbing came out and replaced some damaged shut off valves on the same day that I called for service.  The plumber was friendly and knowledgeable.  He also gave me some other plumbing tips.  If you're looking for quick but through plumbing work, call A-fordable.

Julie W. West Bloomfield, MI  48323

Plumber did an excellent job of installing an insta-hot for me.

Richard L. West Bloomfield, MI  48323

Gary the plumber came on time and quickly fixed the faucet.  When I asked for estimates on 2 other items, he just quickly fixed them also.  There was no pressure to buy items, just generous competent work.

Melanie H.  West Bloomfield, MI 48324

Mike D. From A-foldable Plumbing is fantastic! He has been to our house twice and both times he's been efficient and thorough. He even took care of an extra issue with a water filter once he was here. I highly recommend this company for their courteous service from start to finish. 

Mike S. West Bloomfield, MI  48324

Our service pro, Mike D. was extremely quick with the repair in our home. He took the time to teach me a little about what was broken and how he would get us back up and running. Thanks for a great experience.

Phil S. West Bloomfield, MI  48322

Mike D. Did very nice job. Friendly and did a good job in timely manner

Kelly A. West Bloomfield, MI  48323

Love this company!

Sally W. Bloomfield, MI  48302

We had food from the kitchen drain backing up into a nearby toilet, not fun. Mike D came out and explained the problem and solution in detail. He removed the toilet and snaked the high line sewer, took about 30 minutes. He thoroughly cleaned up the gross stuff that came out with the snake and replaced the toilet. He double checked with me that we wanted to use the same color caulk that had been on originally. Mike also replaced the toilet tank inside parts, which had been giving us some trouble. All work was done at the price quoted. Very friendly and professional, and our drain is emptying smoothly now! Thanks.

Cathy M. West Bloomfield, MI  48322

I wouldn't call anyone else for a plumbing challenge and I've recommended them to both friends and family - who are still speaking to me after they experienced A-fordable. That's when you know that you have a happy customer!

Glenn W. Bloomfield, MI  48302

Service Pro Mike D did a great job coming in and saving the day. Very well mannered and very professional when it comes to doing his job. Mike does a great job informing you on what is going on without feeding you a line of crap. :) He snaked out my main going from the house and also was more then helpful to help me out with the drain in my bathroom. Mike D is a great representative of the company, I will recommend him and A-fordable Plumbing to anyone that needs quality service. Very professional from start to finish.

Lorrie P. West Bloomfield, MI  48324

I had a plumbing company (starts with a N) come to my house to fix a bathroom faucet that had a leak. They told me that I needed a new faucet for my sink. Grohe doesn't make brass anymore, so I needed to buy two new faucets to match one another in the Master bathroom. PLUS I had them look under my kitchen sink to see if they could fix the HOT and COLD because the builders set it up the opposite way. They told me that they would need to replace everything and it would be expensive. I got a second opinion. I found A-fordable on yelp. Called them. Mike D fixed everything! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Call A-fordable now! 

B. L.  West Bloomfield MI  48324

Jon K Excellent, experience technician Very professional Completed job efficiently, left space around the sump pump clean. Highly recommended Thank you

Cathy M.  West Bloomfield, MI  48322


White Lake

Robert G.  White Lake, MI  48386

Excellent service installing new garbage disposal. Very professional. Quick service too!   

Gina P. White Lake, MI  48386

A-fordable  Plumbing fixed leaks in the kitchen sink and repaired my toilet.  As a first time homeowner, I was overwhelmed with the plumbing issues I was having.  A-fordable Plumbing was terrific from the moment I called the office to the time Gary the plumber left.

Clark B. White Lake, MI  48386

I will use them for any type of plumbing.  The plumber was very cordial, cleaned up after himself.  He was prompt, calls you on the way and if he has any scheduling problems, lets you know.  The plumber had a nice personality and his pricing was reasonable.

Charles A. White Lake, MI  48383

I had a leaking steel drain under my sink with PVC.   The company was communicative, punctual, and professional.The plumber explained what he was going to do before he started and stayed within the quoted price range.  We will definitely use this plumbing company again.