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Garbage Disposal Tips

The most important to action you can take to keep your drains free from clogs is to know: what you can “feed” your disposal; how to feed it; and what its capabilities are.

How to feed your garbage disposal: 

  • Always begin by running water down the garbage disposal.
  • Slowly feed the scraps into the disposal (especially potato peels!) with the water running.
  • When you are done feeding the disposal, keep the water running for at least 15 seconds.  

What you can feed it:

  • Average garbage disposals can handle everyday food scraps and vegetable peels – as long as the vegetables are not fibrous.  Examples of some fibrous materials are celery, green onions, artichokes, and banana peels.
  • The average garbage disposal can also grind hard materials such as small bones and fruit pits, but these materials should be ground in small amounts.

What your garbage disposal’s capabilities are:

  • Many builders install one of the Insinkerator Badger series of disposals during new construction.  The lower the number of the Badger disposal, the lower the quality and the more careful you have to be about what you put down it – also the noisier it is during operation.
  • The higher quality disposal you have, the less problems you will have with clogging and jamming – and of course, the quieter it will be.  Our best selling Insinkerator Evolution Excel Disposal claims to eat anything you can put down it – including artichoke, celery and onions! Its blades grind forward and then in reverse. It is insulated to perform quietly.  A new Evolution Excel garbage disposal is the perfect gift for a well deserving cook.  It will allow your cook to perform their holiday magic without worrying about clogging the drain line.  

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